Panicum 'Heavy Metal' blooming?

cactusgardenMay 30, 2011

I purchased three of these from SRG last fall. Today I noticed they are blooming. What is this? I had to do a double take. Each plant has about 5 or six blooms starting and they are only about two and a half feet tall.

My six P. 'Northwind' and six 'Rotstahlbusch' from SRG are not blooming. All three types are putting out healthy, new leaf growth as expected.

I have never had a Panicum do this before when I grew it a few years ago. We did have an unseasonably dry/warm early spring and then it got very cool and now its hot and humid. I kept all the new grasses watered during the drought from January through mid May.

Any opinions?

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I'd say they're early.

That could be no problem, and it could mean they're under some kind of stress. Many plants will force blooms when they are stressed, as a self-protective reflex.

I've never had any Panicum bloom this early. It will be at least 5-6 weeks before any of mine do.

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Thanks. I just wish they'd put that energy into leaves right now.

I'm not sure what is causing it, the plants look very full and healthy, are growing well and are planted in nice deep sandy loam in full sun. A choice spot. Must be the weird weather. We were so hot in April until mid May (in the upper 80's and 90's) but the evenings were cool. There are a few others around the city and I have NEVER seen them bloom until late August or early September.

Just weird.

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