Florida Gourds

wert9wert(z10FL)July 10, 2005

Hi, I was wondering ... living in South Florida (hurricane dennis is on other coast) can I grow gourds twice a year? We basically have two growing seasons down here. Anyone else growing gourds in these hot climates?

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bradisha(Z10 / 11)

Hi I am growing birdhouse gourds down in Nassau, Bah. (same climate as Florida) They are really taking off!! I planted at the end of May and the vines are about 10ft long full of gourds and still blooming!! This is my first gourd plant I cant't wait to harvest them.

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What are the soil requirements for gourds.Sandy or earthy ?

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bradisha(Z10 / 11)

Hi jeaninfl,lurking around and found your post. I normally plant my gourds around April. I plant in an earthy mixture. I locate a hot/sunny area preferable near my chain link fence for growing support and loosen up the ground soil a bit, then I create a mound with composte/native soil and I put my gourd seed/seedlings in the mound water daily if the weather is dry and wait patiently. This is what work for me.

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