Anyone successfully overwinter Purple Fountain Grass?

shelli563(zone 6 MA)May 4, 2009

I overwintered 6 clumps in my attic and brought them outdoors to acclimate a few weeks ago. So far, no signs of life. Should I see something by now? Anyone successfully overwinter?


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I've never tried to hold them over, but they are a real warm-weather lover. Even if they did survive, I wouldn't look for much action until the weather warms up substantially. I grow them as annuals, and they don't kick into high gear until June-July.

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I haven't had luck either. I am a zone 6-er. I also placed a plant in my basement, it is now outside and showing no signs of life. I don't expect anything from it now but I had to try!

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I took mine in one fall and grew it as a houseplant. It lost it's purple coloring, but it added some interesting texture to my houseplant collection that winter. I planted it in the garden the next spring and it took off as usual.

Good luck!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I also tried them as houseplants. Bought on clearance for a $1 in September, thought it was worth a try. One died within a month, the other died in January right after producing a few plumes. I'm assuming they are dead although I will bring them out this week and sees what happens.

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I should have mentioned that they don't like full sun if you grow them indoors ... just bright indirect.

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judi51(Zone 5)

I also overwintered Purple Fountain grass as a houseplant, quite successfully. As mentioned above, I placed in front of a large, north-facing window and it did great, with minimal watering. I cut it back in mid-May and placed it outdoors and it is sending up new growth nicely. Good luck!

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Awesome thread and tips from judi and steve! Glad I saw this thread. I will put this in my notes too. I guess, it should also be added that they should be dug before frost kills them. It's my first time growing them too! :)

Thanks folks!

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