Is it normal for older squash leaves to yellow?

peps22July 17, 2010

So my butternut squash vines are growing rapidly and doing well. The older leaves (the ones from the pre-vine stages) are now starting to yellow.

Is this normal? or should a squash leaf last all season?

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

Well it's been "normal" for me, but I can't swear that I've experienced 100% healthy squash. Keep an eye out for any signs of other issues - such as mottled looking leaves that suggest mosaic virus, or a powder covering on the leaves indicating powdery mildew is setting in. Make sure watering is consistent, then don't worry about a couple of leaves if the rest of the vine looks healthy.


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its basically going from the oldest leaf, to the next oldest leaf, in a line. Like I said, the end of the vine looks great and keeps growing. But these "older" leaves are dying one-by-one.

No sign of eggs, SVB, or anything like that.

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I've never had a individual squash leaf last all season the older leaves die from the base out.

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