Cucucci Gourd ....what's happening?

noodeler(8b)July 13, 2005

I have 4 Cucucci's planted on a large mound. They're growing all over my 6 foot privacy fence like crazy. They look fantastic. HOWEVER...Every little baby cucucci gourd that forms behind the flower turns yellow and drops. This has probably happened a couple dozen times. I have identified both male and female flowers but it seems like they don't last long.

I dunno. 'preciate any advice. Part of me thinks that if I just keep holding out they'll form...

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Sounds like they are not getting pollinated. Have you tried hand pollinating?

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What's a cucucci gourd? If you have a picture, I'd sure like to see it.

I have a lot of male flowers, the majority of which stay open all day. The females only open at night, so in the morning just when the sun comes up, I go out and hand pollinate any females that are still partially open. So far I've successfully pollinated five gourds.

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Yeah, I keep meaning to try the hand pollinating but by the time I get to them in the morning they're closed up.

I'd love to provide a picture...maybe once I get them to pollinate I'll have a specimin to photograph.

They're long and skinny, linght green, small ones fuzzy. I use them a lot like Zuke/crookneck squash. Best when about 8-12 inches long. They can get about 3 feet. Great in stews, pan sautaed, stir fryed ect...

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