Trying new (to me) grasses

donn_(7b-8a)May 12, 2006

I sowed some seed of perennial grasses I haven't tried yet:

Koeleria glauca, Large Blue Hairgrass

Bouteloua gracilis, Blue Grama Grass, Mosquito Grass

Melica transsilvanica 'Red Spire' Pearl Grass

Anyone grown these?

I also have a few clumps each of some annuals sprouting:

Lagurus ovatus, from seed I gathered last year

Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty' first time I've gotten germination in 2 years.

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Pudge 2b

I grow Koeleria glauca and Melica transsilvanica. I've got Koeleria in the rock garden where it's behaving quite nicely. I started it from seed last year and had very nice clumps going by fall. This spring I gave it a trim and it's already filled out very nice and I'm looking forward to it's bloom.

Melica transsilvanica is very easy from seed, and if allowed to will seed out in your garden. I generally harvest the stems early for drying (they just pull up out of the sheath with no effort). The plant is a lighter green in colour, shoots out of the ground really early in the year. It gets a little floppy but a mid-season shearing (after the initial bloom) won't hurt it one bit - it'll just keep on growing and blooming. The blooms are worth the little extra trouble this plant might be.

I've also grown Lagurus ovatus and Purple Majesty, again for the dried blooms more than ornamental value. Nothing special for the Lagurus - easy as pie. The Purple Majesty performs best with heat and I've found benefits from a couple applications of Miracle Grow. Don't let the seedlings become rootbound in their pots - stunts the growth of the plant for the rest of the season.

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Thanks, Pudge. That'll be helpful info.

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In a recent purchase of a large number of grasses from a woman selling her entire grass nursery I obtained several pots of Bouteloa gracilis. I can only testify to its appearance in winter clothes and if that look says anything I'm very excited to have this plant. The flowers are held sideways off the stem and look beautiful and unusual in low winter sun. Have fun!

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