First time growing Gourds, some questions and help needed

gardenquestJuly 7, 2006

I planted some gourds called "fancy mix" from a burpe seed pack. I put them in a corner flower bed souther exposure - 10 + hours of sun a day, in our fenced yard. ( yard is very hot this time of year) it is growing like WILDFIRE! I placed a trellis and have wound it around, but i am still concerned it will not have enough room.

I have started to train it up some string tied to my fence...So i am wondering I planted it mid may and like i said it's growing like mad....seems everyday it has grown like a weed. I have flowers and fruit - everywhere, small but there. I am watering everyday - does it need that much water? what about mircle grow? Should i use it or just let it thrive its self? how large / long are the "arms" going to get? I am guessing the main one is about 6 ft right now.

Any more ides to keep it off the ground? ( i have dogs and children) and it is starting to sprawl on the ground.

can you share any more info / tips for me? I would really like to get as many fruit as i can without " cramping" the plant.

thank you

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Sounds like you have the "soft shell" variety of gourds. If they have yellow flowers they are for sure soft shell. They produce very colorful small gourds of all kinds of shapes. The only bad thing about them is that they only keep for a few months after harvest and then start to rot. Once in a while you can get one or two to dry but they loose all color when they do. They are great climers and if you already have a trellis I would suggest trying to grab those rascals who are headed for your yard and get them started on your trellis. They will grow over each other and get along quite well. The vines of the hard shell variety of gourds will easily grow to 30 or 40 ft. I don't believe the soft shells grow as long. If you get 3 or 4 inches of rain a month I don't believe you would need to water them. Watch the leaves, and if they start to droop all day long, then they will need watered. If your soil is decent, don't believe you'll need additional fertilizer. Sometimes that just promotes more vine growth but not necessarily more gourds. Next year try some hard shell gourds like bird house or apple gourds but be careful. They are very addictive!!! Keep the web posted on how they are doing. Good luck. Gene

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Hi thanks for the reply. Yes, they do have large yellow flowers. I will update with growth.


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