Delosperma cooperii - Iceplant transplant ?

mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)June 22, 2009

I'm new to this type of plant. How often should it be watered as a transplant? It was potted in a small 4 inch plastic pot.

I did plant it in poor, dry soil that is mounded a bit, thinking that would be more to it's liking but we live in central Arkansas, where the days are now in upper 90's to 100 with high humidity. The plant's potting soil looked like the typical mix usually found in purchased plants, nothing unusual looking.

Will it wilt and droop when it needs a drink or shrivel up or should I give it a bit of water each day while it's so hot and it is getting established? I've read that it is very hardy and grows in southern California on dry banks so it must not require much water. I'm also curious about how it spreads if it's sitting on such dry soil, as I suspect it roots at the leaf nodes on the runners?

Such pretty bright blooms, just don't want to kill it before I have a chance to enjoy. :-)

My thanks for your advice.


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karate626(7A Maryland)

I never watered my ice plant when I planted it. I wouldn't advise that though. It was just a inch long cutting when I planted it 2 years ago. It rooted the first year, started to grow more the 2nd year, and this year it started to bloom and spread. I think that succulents don't need as much water as other plant types. I would say weekly waterings wouldn't be harmful and could only help the plant. It has such wonderful blooms and is so easy to propagate. My only negative thought on this plant is I need to weed the ice plant bed often. Good luck with it!


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I saw the ice plants in CA as well and had to find them when I returned to AL. The yellow ones were hard to find, but I did get some so I promptly planted them and watered the heck out of them for a few days. They started to shrivel up and die so when I asked the nursery owner, he said to plant them and forget about them. At the most water them once a week. Since doing that, they are growing nicely -- we have dense clay soil here.

I'm so hoping that I get blooms this spring - they really are gorgeous.

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