Can I inter-plant daffodils with vinca minor?

freedeeJune 9, 2009

I did some renovation to my driveway and front of my house. I had to take out both vinca minor and daffodil bulbs. Can I plant the daffodil bulb between the vinca? Will the vinca choke the bulbs out?

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I have a small area with vinca, maybe 3 x 5, and my daf's and tulips come up fine. good luck


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Definitely! I had beds of vincas interplanted with daffodils under some huge oaks that we used to own. They did fine.

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It would be great if you can post some photos.

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I'd love to see pics too! Vinca with anything else growing within it!!

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your bulbs will come up just fine with vinca. I have a whole garden with both.

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