July in the Garden

mamalionJuly 26, 2014

I am an avid reader of the forum, and I appreciate all of your postings, pictures and suggestions. While I don't get around to posting much, here is what has been blooming this season in my garden:












I hope you enjoy these!

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With the beauties you have, you should post more often.
I've got to get more Curt Hanson daylilies.
They are all so gorgeous it's hard to pick favorites.
I can narrow it down to Jelly Roll Morton and Suddenly Last Summer.
And I really love the color of Pink Panties.

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shive(6b TN)

Be Still My Heart! That Pink Panties clump is so fabulous! I swore I would never grow a daylily with panties in the name (Hanson has several I like.). But that photo could make me change my mind. I love the clump of Suddenly Last Summer, too! I just bought Acquired Arcadian Bliss this spring but it hasn't bloomed, so it's good to see your photo.


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Maryl zone 7a

You have some really pretty daylilies. Jasmine Rossi is new to me and not only is its color great I like the form too, along with that gold edging. Your close up of Pink panties is nice showing a mass of bloom and the clump shot also makes me drool. Nice job..........Maryl

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Pink Panties is a must-have! I love seeing Hansons I don't grow, so I really like Acquired Arcadian Bliss, too. That's the first photo I've seen of that daylily that wasn't from Curt's catalog. Suddenly Last Summer is a favorite because of that beautiful color and I like the hint of pink in FSM. Great daylilies today!

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Very nice! Thanks for posting and sharing your pics. Jellyroll Morton and that last shot of Pink Panties are my faves.

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Beautiful! Love Jasmine Rossi and Suddenly Last Summer.
Pink Panties lol Beautiful color, wow.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

gorgeous daylilies.Not sure I would want a daylily called PINK PANTIES but, that is just beautiful. might have to rethink that. they are all so very pretty,and I hope you will post some more.I don't have any blooming now, except for 3,so I am injoying it to see some daylilies blooming.


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Your Hanson clumps are marvelous.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm with everyone, clump shots just draw me in & Pink Panties is a great looking clump. You have a couple I don't think I've seen before. One is FENG SHUI MOMENT, I really like the shape & color of it.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Wow Pink panties is one pretty daylily. Nice daylily choices.

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Pink Panties is like looking at a fireworks display, and that color is so beautiful, very nice pic of that one! My second favorite is a tie between With A Kiss, Jelly Roll Morton.


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Thanks for all of your comments. I had to include both photos of Pink Panties just to show what a great plant it is! The blooms are generally perfect, too.
I have been really enjoying Jasmine Rossi- its flowers are gorgeous and I am hopeful that it is a good increaser. Acquired Arcadian Bliss is a beautiful workhorse in the garden...tall, pretty and reliable. And Suddenly Last Summer is another strong Hanson, reliable and beautiful!

I will continue to read all of your postings for ideas on what to add for next year, if I can find the space :)

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You have a lot of beauties in this post. I really like Jelly Roll Morton, Suddenly Last summer and Pink Panties. You don't have a dud in the group. Very pretty post.

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