Irish Moss Seed Shaker

Sammy1980June 10, 2013

Does anyone have any experience with the Irish Moss seed shaker sold by outside pride? (I hope it's ok to share a link)

We have a flagstone patio in a partially shaded area with gaps between 2 and 3 inches between the stones and Irish Moss seems like the perfect choice to fill in between the cracks. The instructions almost seem to easy to be true, just sprinkle between the stones and keep moist?! It would be great if this worked!

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I have our bought quite a bit of various seed from outside pride and everything has sprouted better than I had hoped. Unfortunately, I cannot remember if I got the Irish Moss seeds (now little sprouts in my garden) from outside pride or everwilde farms. I may have tried both! Either way, I kept the seeds very moist and in mostly sun. It has been slow-going...but I am very excited at the sight of those little sprouts all over as I love love love Irish Moss!

Best to you!

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