Pampas grass growth, or lack thereof.

staceybeth(7 MA)May 28, 2010

I planted 2 dwarf pampas grass in a bald spot in front of my house last spring. During the summer, no plumes... nothing.. just green.... in the fall, i cut them down to the stump.. and now it just the beginning of June and both of them are still little brown stumps. Will they ever grow back.. or, are they dead. Thanks.

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Chances are they are goners. Tug on the stumps and see if they feel like they are strongly rooted.

I'm going through this now with several grasses, including some which may be hardy in my zone and some which certainly are hardy here.

I installed three Arundo 'Peppermint Stick" plants last fall, after growing them on in 15 gallon pots through the summer. One started re-growth in mid-April, and another just started this week. The third is still silent.

I planted 3 each Pennisetum 'Prince' and 'Princess' last summer, and all 6 grew with abandon. They were gorgeous. So far, none have re-grown. We had a zone 8 winter, so I had high hopes. It doesn't look good.

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staceybeth(7 MA)

I did tug on them and they seem firmly rooted. .however I think I am going to dig them up anyway.. as I did some research on them and I dont think they are good for my garden. I may put them in a container instead and see if they are going to grow... Oh boy. back to the drawing board with that spot in my front yard.

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I just bought some dwarf pampas grass,i am trying to hide a ugle chain link fence.I was told befor i plant it i could split the rootball in half and make two plants out of one.Is this true?

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