Vertical splits in vine

StephanieHS(8)July 18, 2014

Hallo Pumpkin People (& squash people),
I found this vertical split in one of my main pumpkin vines as well as other vertical lines on other vines that haven't split but look as though they will.

I immediately feared vine borers but there isn't any frass. I got some help over on pest forum, and I believe the cause are the periods of excessive rain we've had.

I did some reading and found that growers of giant pumpkins will repair split vines with twist ties or floral tape. Other folks just bury the split vine.

Does anybody have any experience with this problem? Any advice much much appreciated!! :D

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Ive been having the same problem, and i was told that it was vine borers however when i cut further up the split (like i was told to do) i found no sign of a borer inside, but ive tried both packing the part of the vines that were split with dirt (it was a desperate decision since the vines were suffering after i cut into the vine looking for borers) and burying the affected vine at least 3 inches up from the split, and between the two attempts i found that burying them worked the best, my pumpkin plant seemed to benifit greatly since it grew considerably over the next week after i buried it. As for an explanation as to why it split like that, ive never found a good explanation past it being due to vine borers. But try burying the stems like i said, i hope it helps!

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That's really interesting! I'll try burying it.

I'm curious: When you saw the damage you attributed to Vine Borers, was there only the split in the vine or did you see brown sawdust-looking stuff too?

I had a borer problem previously and it looked messier, i guess. There was brown crumbly stuff. This time it really is a clean straight split. I'm attributing the damage this time to over-watering, both by myself and Mother Nature ;)

Thanks much - I'm gonna get to burying and remain optimistic!

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