palmetto bugs

scotland1July 29, 2005

I've never seen the palmetto bugs as bad as they are this year. There's so many of them that they've come into the house by the dozen. One came sneaking up over the edge of my pillow the other night as I was reading in bed and about sent me into orbit. Anyone have some helpful hints on getting rid of my disgusting houseguests? The dog and cat aren't interested in extermination work.

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I'm glad to hear someone else is having a problem this year. I've been getting on the kids for being messy, but maybe its not them. I've never had them in my house before until this year. I'm calling an exterminator.

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Palmetto bugs aren't roaches. They generally live outside and eat decomposing plant matter. But when it's wet and they multiply so rapidly, some of them get inside. Unless your kids are hoarding piles of wet leaves in their rooms, it probably has nothing to do with the bugs. I just don't remember them being this bad before.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sorry, Scotland......but the 'palmetto bug' aka 'water bug' is a true cockroach, the American Cockroach. We've given them different names just so that we can abide them, I guess. ;-)

They can be quite common during rainy weeks. Once inside, they will take advantage of any food items they can find, but they will not typically damage books, electrical insulation, wall board, etc. as the other roaches do.

When I lived in Beaufort (zone 8b) I had to deal with them periodically. I used the kind of roach traps that have a growth regulator. Buy the kind that says it's for large roaches, waterbugs, etc. I also used Boric acid in the crooks and crannies (Roach Pruf is pure boric acid). Read and follow all directions for use and placement.

Keep wet leaves cleaned from porches and walkways around the home. And if they are really bad, you might want to have someone come and treat your crawl spaces under the home (if you have one). You might want to make sure that you have all entry holes from the outside (check pipes, etc.) sealed up tight and that your doors have good seals on them. I would have to say that exclusion is probably the first defense!

Mind you, I have NOTHING against the exterminators, but I just can't be exposed to chemicals. I've learned to deal with critters like this in other ways. Seems to work!!!!

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Check around for wet spots. Creepy Crawlies like wet spots. If you don't have AC or it's real damp inside, a dehumidifier might help too. Can't blame you about the chemicals. There's an organic bug spray they sell at Publix called Bioganic. The big name brands seem to have organic sprays out now too. They don't deter bugs but stop them in their tracks if you see them.

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As, those lovely Palmetto bugs; a romantic name for big, ugly roaches (when my mother saw her first one after coming down from Illinois, she thought it was a small mouse).

The rainy weather this summer is one of the culprits for bringing them into the house. I raise finches in a Florida room off the living room; can't use insecticides around them. But I'll frequently find Palmetto bugs munching in their seed dishes when the lights come on in the morning (I've found sucking these stinkers up in a vacuum to be quite nice...if you can catch them. Place a mothball or two in the bag to make sure they are dead).

I've found the boric acid to be quite useful. If you can find good ole fashioned 20 Mule Team Borax (a laundry additive) in your grocery store (in the aisle with the other laundry soaps), you can also use this; this is pure boric acid and generally less expensive than Roach Pruf. I sprinkle a very thin line of this in cracks and around doors; it's quite effective at keeping these things out.

I'll also rake pine needles/leaves away from the foundation of the house but to be honest, never noticed an improvement in the Palmetto bug visits.

They'll often come up through cracks in the walls under the sink; where the water pipes/drains come into or go out of your house. Some people use that foam sealant in a can (the stuff that expands impressively) to seal these entrances off.


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There are a lot of species of roaches (about 15 in my area according to the local university website). The palmetto bug is actually a smokeybrown cockroach. It's a different species than the American cockroach. I've never seen a palmetto bug in my kitchen or near food (human food or pet food), although I'm sure they wouldn't turn down a cookie if I offered it. Maybe an Oreo with boric acid filling...

I always put dead roaches of any kind in the toilet. Even a dead roach can give birth. And I've seen plenty that I thought were good and dead start to limp away. Bleah!

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I saw in last Friday's paper that an equal mixture of sugar and soda would kill those roaches. The sugar to attract them and the soda to kill them. We haven't been bothered much this year with them. I hate it when they fly in to the screens then drop to the ground and scuttle away to hide. Sometimes when I turn on the front porch light at night there might be two or three there.

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Here's a story to give you nightmares...

Last week I found a Palmetto bug in my bathroom sink when I went upstairs to get ready for bed. Whapped it with my shoe and beheaded it; ran water in the sink to wash both body parts down the drain.

Next morning when I got up, the headless body had managed to wiggle its way back up the drain and was sitting in the sink, waiting to say howdy!


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thank you all for your stories. I'm going to try the 20 mule team borax. I believe they are coming in around my dishwasher I alway see them over there. there is one every now and then. but that is tooo much for me. this is the first year I've ever seen them in the house.

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efam(z7b GA)

When we have bug problems, we fumigate the house. We use raid fumigator and it works pretty well. (This is in case they have taken up a permanent residence in your home.)
It's pretty easy and tells you specifically to remove your plants and animals. It takes about 3-4 hours...then just air out your house for a couple more hours and then all bugs living in your house will be dead. It doesn't leave a residue and it's safe for animals to return once the house has been aired out.

I've always heard that when you see one, there are plenty more hiding.

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OK, Gail, that is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. Did Stephen King make these bugs up?

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I'm always reminded of the commercials that say a roach can live a certain number of days without its head. Might be true.

I try to remind myself that they have a place in nature; basically cleaning up after dead things and speeding up the process of decay.

I'd be much happier if they just stayed outside and enjoyed Mother Nature instead of coming inside for a visit with me.


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When my now D-in-law was in school at Mercer in Macon,Ga. she lived in a dorm room at ground level. There were huge old Magnolia grandiflora outside the doors. She came home one winter night and heard rustling in the dry leaves.It was ROACHES on the move!! When she got to her room and flipped on the light,there were hundreds,nay,thousands-- of ENORMOUS roaches on her walls.They came inside for the warmth of the heating system,we think. She moved into the pest-controlled sorority house the same night.She said "No way" was she sleeping in THAT place!!

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When my partner and his wife first separated, he set her up in her own apartment. Three months later she was back, having failed to pay further rent. He let her live in their place "just until she got on her feet" while he moved to a back room in the family plant. "Just until she got on her feet" lasted eight months because he continued to pay all the bills and she had little incentive to move.

When she finally found her own place, he came home to a roach infected home. All the furniture and carpeting had to be removed and disposed of. At night he could hear the roaches skittering in the walls.

He finally purchased professional strength insecticide, mixed it up, sprayed the place down and said the roaches came BOILING out of the walls, making a run for him but dying before they actually got to him. Said it was like the worlds worst movie on roaches taking over the world. He had to leave the place for a week while the poison did its thing. Came back and had to use a shovel to get rid of the dead roaches.

I think roaches do three things in life; eat, poop and make more little roaches.


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Gail: With stories like these, I'm surprised you haven't moved to Antartica!

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efam(z7b GA)

That is by far the worst roach story I have ever heard. How could she live with those things crawling around?!?

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Let's just say I am traumatized! I have a new found phobia!
I just moved to Savannah, GA from NJ. Its dmaned hot for one thing but i can deal with that! These glorified PALMETTO'S are enough to make me wanna move back!
I live in an apartment complex and i can deal with them being outside. But they are coming into my apartment way too often. I haven't slept in my bed since last week because one decided to crawl down my neck and check out my upper female parts!!!!! I am paranoid and I itch constantly now! I have seen at least 4 or 5 in the last week. But about 9 in total since June. I had the complex spray inside the apartment out of desperation, and they are telling me they don't think it will help, because this is their land! I'm about to go on a bug killing diet, and try every one in the book!!! I can't deal. What do I do? Everyone down here acts like its nothing and I am so discusted! Will I ever get used to these nasty things? AND THEY FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !@#$#$#^%&&*()(&*^$%#@!!!!!!! HELP!!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I spent last weekend helping dh clean out a rental condo in Clemson. International students have been using it for the last 5 years...OMG. I do not know how people can live with thousands of roaches everywhere, I am not kidding.
Dh sprayed with industrial stuff several times, with growth inhibitors. The roaches were boiling out of the walls, outlets, carpet, was so gross.
My job was to strip the nasty wallpaper in a bathroom and repaper. I was in an empty bedroom cutting the paper on the beige carpet and the no sooner than I laid the paper on the floor when half a dozen roaches would be crawling on it.
I was freaking out being in that place and almost bailed out except I knew dh needed me. I would peel off a strip of the wallpaper and a spray of roaches would come flying out. I did bail out then and said I would not do it until the roaches were dead. So I came back the next day and they were still everywhere. I went and bought a can of raid so I could work in the bathroom without it being an episode of fear factor!

The students living there are smart, well groomed looking and nice. I don't know how on earth they could live that way. Dh is going to make sure the future students have very specific rules about food storage and such and will do inspections once a week if needed.
And he has finally called in an exterminator.

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Y'all need to get out of the coastal plain. That place is roach city. I don't think I've ever seen a single roach here in nGA

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buford(7 NE GA)

I've seen one or two in the 7 years I've been here.

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Dang it! I forgot to knock on wood and guess what happened last night?
I saw a ginormous roach scurrying across the floor.
I squashed it.

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA) I've got the creepy-crawlies. And yet, I just couldn't stop reading. The title of this thread should be "nasty stories about bugs." I've seen them in the bathtub or sink when I get up in the morning, but that's about it. Needless to say, I'll be flushing them to make sure they're REALLY gone now. And if one ever actually crawled on'd have to bring the white jackets and lock me up!

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opal52(z7b GA)

Sweetz, I sympathize. I had never seen a palmetto bug before moving to Conyers GA. I grew up in North Georgia close to Tennessee line and I saw a lot of critters there, but never one of these things. If I see one in the house, it absolutely has to die or I cannot sleep. My husband thinks I'm a little nuts but I seriously can't stand them. Can't explain this, but if I see one inside I feel them crawling all over me until I know the darn thing is dead. When I see them outside, as in away from our patio or anywhere close to the house, they don't bother me. Altough I still try and kill every one I see. The one thing I can suggest to help keep them out of your house it to make sure the doors, especially the patio doors of your apartment, and windows have good tight seals. They can crawl between really small spaces for such a big bug.

I hate the drought we are in, but it has reduced the population of palmetto bugs and I am glad for that.

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I just had an exterminator out bc it was gotten so bad. I am having trouble sleeping at night bc I know they are in the house and I had one crawl on me a few years ago. We live in an old house with lots of cracks under the doors and windows that arent sealed well, and the house is in a pine tree grove. The pest control guy said he could spray, but that we essentially live in bug heaven and they would still be around. I lived in CA for a while and never saw a roach the whole time.

I do think people have a somewhat irrational fear of them. I mean, they dont bite or sting, they run away when you get near them, so why do I freak out so much? It reminds me of mice and elephants. I can happily go exist with lizards in my house, or some spiders, but roaches make me completely forget my stance against pesticides.

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Roaches are about the only things that give me the heebie jeebies. There's nothing rational about it. They are the only creepy-crawly thing I don't care for. I use boric acid, and keep a can of roach spray for the ones on my 11 foot ceilings. I'm not a big fan of pesticides, but there's no sleeping with a palmetto bug on the ceiling. I've never managed to knock one off the ceiling and smush it. That always makes them fly, which makes me do my special roach dance, which allows them time to scurry off.

The sad thing is that, because I've used poisons on the roaches, I can't feed them to our tarantula. Not that I think there's any chance of me capturing a live palmetto bug and successfully getting it into her tank, but it's an appealing thought.

If only the blasted things would stay in the garden!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

A true life creepy palmetto bug story:

When I was in college in Sarasota FL, I was invited to a party at a rich persons house. The house had 5 stories and was on the bay. We had a pizza party on the rooftop balcony at night and had a fun time. Afterwards, we loaded up the pizza boxes and got into the elevator. On the way down, many palmetto bugs flew out of the pizza boxes we were carrying.
Thankfully, the elevator opened soon on the main floor.

While we had been hanging out on the rooftop, palmetto bugs had flown into all the mostly empty pizza boxes.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Roaches love cardboard, they live on the glue.

I used to live in one time I had an apartment in NYC. When there was construction in the bldg next door, we became inundated with roaches. It was horrible. But the rat was worse.....

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There is this place called Palm Beach gardens that I drove though in Florida and at night this time of year there would be swarms of flying roaches out to the west near the PGA national golf club. I stopped to get gas there and roaches were flying all over and would attack you it was like something out of a sci-fi movie. I got back in the car after only a couple of gallons because I couldn't stand it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Another reason I would rather retire in Highlands than Florida.

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Well....its been a few weeks since the thing crawled on me in my bed and I'm STILL discusted!!! I just started sleeping back in my bed. And my 7 year old knows I'm afraid so she had been sleeping in the bed with me for about a week ago (my sweetie-as if she could do anything). I am still so messed up over it. I don't sleep straight through the night. Any time my sheets don't feel smooth or they brush against my skin I am literally flying out of the bed! Geez, i just want a decent nights sleep! i don't walk into or around my apartment without looking around first. My daughter slept in her own room lastnight and i actually became more paranoid! (laughing at myself right now...)
Anyway, I can only pray for cool weather and then those suckers can disappear for a while!!! Just the thought brings me joy!!! :)

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The roach that Florida crackers (natives) call palmetto bugs is actually the Florida woods cockroach, a large WINGLESS, reddish black, armor-plated roach that is known for inhabiting saw-palmetto fan palms and cabbage palms more than anywhere else.

Tourists, transplants, and non-natives, will mistakenly refer to the brown cockroach, American cockroach, etc, or *any* cockroach, as a palmetto bug. A TRUE palmetto bug does not fly, but the American cockroach does.

The scientific name for the species is Eurycotis Floridana and old timers called them "palmetto bugs" when they were cutting "swamp cabbage" (heart of palmettos and palms) for food. The most distinguishing characteristic of the true palmetto bug is it's foul smell it emits when disturbed. This is a sickening smell that smells like rotten palmetto berries where they live. Some old timers refer to them as them "darn stinkin palmetto bugs". They do not fly and are also referred to as "skunk roaches."

The Eurycotis Floridana is a tropical or sub-tropical species and is native to Florida, coastal areas of Alabama, and in the Caribbean.

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dianega(7 - ATL)

I've always heard using boric acid is one of the best solutions. It's supposed to have low toxicity to people & pets. In fact, you can sprinkle it into your carpets to control fleas & it's not supposed to harm your pets which are laying directly on the carpets.

Anyway, you'll find lots of hits if you google 'palmetto bug +boric acid'. Here's a link from the Univ of FL, and believe me... if anyone knows about palmetto bugs, it's residents of FL! (I'm a former native myself!)

Here is a link that might be useful: UF - Least Toxic Methods of Cockroach Control

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Well I'm one of them now and cannot sleep... I recently saw one crawling on the wall especially with my cat chasing it.. I was sitting in a toilet when this happens. I shrieked and got up to get raid spray.. It died.. I cannot stand this..

To make this matter worse, my cat seems to be obsessed or can hear some more around.. I was like oh no..

Im having exterminator coming in tomorrow and have them to close cracks that I've seen under my counter. I was told to close any drainers and I did that. I wonder if they do come out of vents ?

Any tips for me to get my good night sleep ??

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*sighs* I simply cannot take this. These bugs are the sneakiest things ever! Its rather interesting how cunning and great at hiding they are. I'm happy that at I've found two things work, light startles them and Raid really does 'work on contact'. I keep a flash light and a can of Raid at arm's reach, I feel like I'm a soldier at war! Now, if I could only figure out how they get into my apartment...

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i HATE them.

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Having just moved from New Orleans (the Palmetto bug capitol of the south) to Ga. I feel that Im an expert at keeping these nasty things away from me. Ive tried all the sprays, traps, and having cats doesnt help cause the cats just end up getting use to them and will stop killing them. So I started doing little experiments on the big nasty bugs to see what works and what is a waste of time and money. So,I figured out that by turning your AC up pretty high at dusk (so that your house is a little on the cold side) it keeps them out. And if they are already in your house they will quickly find their way back outside where it is warm and damp. I swear this works. Just try it and you will see! I was the ONLY person on my block in New Orleans that didnt have a problem with nightly visits from these bugs.

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want yall to know, i am now severely traumatized and probably need medicated. i HATE those things!!!! yammit, why did i keep reading....

off to the store for borax and got the a/c set on 50. should do the trick!!

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There should be a warning on this thread!! I finally made myself stop reading about halfway through. I feel a nightmare coming on...

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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

I have a couple of phobias; one is palmetto bugs. Thankfully we don't have regular roaches. But those alien creatures, the palmetto bugs...
thankfully, teleigh, I went to the bottom of the thread (curious because this thread started so long ago, to see why it was resurrected) before i really got into it. I have heeded your warning and am just saying no to reading this thread to maintain my sanity!


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Do Not Read This If You Are Already Traumatized

I moved here a few years ago and thought I'd never get used to those grotesque creatures, but I've managed not to freak out when they fly into my face while at an outdoor party, etc.

The other night, though, (stop reading now, seriously, if you are already freaking out) a friend of mine had to go to the ER because one crawled in his ear and got stuck.

I am severely freaked out and can't sleep at night now.

We do have an exterminator, even though I am organic queen and green home everything else. I just couldn't take it and figured something had to give.

When my mom visited, even though I had warned her, she had several run-ins with them and she screamed, "there's a wild animal in here!"

I am putting boric acid around my bed at night, along with packing tape, which I notice they get caught on, just for good measure.

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Just like roaches, this thread will not die!

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I have read all theses stories and have laughed so hard because all of you have expressed the same fears/feelings that I have had with these terrible bugs! I cant stand it, I am going crazy I have to sleep with a night light on and check under my bed, in my closet, fluff my sheets just to make sure they are not hiding out. But I know that even doing that will not prevent them from making their move! We got an exterminator but its not working its an old home with alot of cracks around the doors so they always win. I am going to try the Boric acid, however, I heard differently that it is a dangerous substance and can only be placed in certain areas...if someone knows more about it please let me know I cant deal with this anymore. The sad thing is they seem to come out only when I am home and then when I see them they want to run I am so scared I have to pick them up with a paper plate because I cannot touch them!!! Good luck to us all...

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LOL I stopped by the forum to post about Japanese beetles (^#&% things!), and saw this. I have been laughing and shivering, reading the posts! When I moved into my VERY first apartment, it was a very hip little cheap-rent-hardwood-floors-old-house kind of place and I thought I'd hit the jackpot. About 2-3 weeks into my stay, the Palmetto bugs arrived. It was about this time of year and it was BAD. I mean, those things were entering the house by the dozens. I couldn't sleep at night and after a week of it, I moved smack dab out of that house and back home to Mommy and Daddy! LOL My mom came over with me a couple of days later with an exterminator, spray foam and duct tape. We sealed up around the window a/c units and around the windows and the guy fumigated. I stayed at Mom and Dad's for 3 more weeks (visiting the apartment every few nights to see the dead zone) until I was sure I could stand it. Don't think I slept very well the first few nights I was back either.

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The first palmetto bug I ever saw was on the third floor of the Florida college I attended. I was lying in bed and noticed a new knothole in the wood floor that I had not noticed before. I leaned over to see it better  I had removed my glasses to sleep  and it waggled its feelers at me! It is indeed a wonder that I remained in college, especially after another one actually FLEW out of a closet at me!)
After much experience, hereÂs my favorite method to kill a PB: keep your old telephone book and keep it handy. Upon sighting a palmetto bug, aim carefully and throw it with as much force as you can (having likely weakened yourself with screaming) on top of the offending PB. Step heavily upon the telephone book and do a flamenco dance for several minutes. (I do not recommend using castanets, as they resemble the PB a little too much for comfort!) Then, lift the telephone book and tear off the bottom page (along with the squished palmetto bug) and toss it into the garbage. Note: If the PB is on the ceiling or on the wall, make sure that any breakables are removed before tossing the telephone book.
Another (slower) method: stiffen the PB to death with hairspray. (Keep some heavy-duty hairspray around for this purpose. Good ol Aqua Net is perfect  it will keep hair from moving in a category 2 hurricane  since you do not want to just give your PB a glossy coat; you want to give it a good shellacking!)
By the way, once I picked up a ball of packing tape that bit me; thatÂs how I discovered that palmetto bugs have pincers! (I donÂt think they actually bite; however, it certainly does feel like they do!)
As for cats, a young cat of mine once jumped proudly on my bed and deposited a present on my stomach: a PB that scuttled up my body and ran off my shoulder. My shriek apparently traumatized my kitten, as he never tried THAT again!
Fortunately, since I live near New Orleans, way too many other people are shrieking at their own palmetto bugs to pay any attention to me!

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opal52(z7b GA)

I just killed the first one to get into our house this summer. After much jumping around trying to hit it with a shoe from the closet while letting out a stream of expletives, I finally just stomped it. My husband chose that moment to appear at the door with a smile on his face asking what's going on in here. Of course he already knew the answer having had lots of experience with this particular type of hissy fit (his words) in the past. I particularly hate stepping directly on the PB because of the awful crunching sound and you can feel it when you're wearing the shoes that kill them. Yuck... But either the bug dies, or I don't rest until it does.

Think I'll buy a can of Aqua Net if I can find it. Raid does not phase them.

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LOLOLOLOL This is hilarious. Jann183 and opal52 -- I thought I was the only one to have ever used Aqua Net for that! LOLOLOLOL In college, one summer a few of us moved back into the dorm early(against the rules, btw) because we had jobs near campus that started a little earlier than fall classses did. One morning, I'm taking my shower when I saw a PB crawling across the shower curtain rod. I was literally paralyzed and unable to do much except watch it walk back and forth across the shower opening, on that rod. The only thing I was able to reach was a can of Aqua Net around the curtain (when she had worked her way down to the other end of the rod once), intending to slam the can itself down on the PB. Realizing that the curtain rod would come down too and I might not make good contact with the PB, I decided to spray. I mummified her. LOL Finishing my shower quickly, I jumped out and ran to work, forgetting to give her the appropriate watery burial. Coming back home, I remembered to do it, but when I went in there (stop reading if you are very squeamish), and bent down with my giant handful of tissues to pick her up...hundreds of tiny BABY PBs ran out from under her shiny dead body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO not making this up either, I swear.

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

I thought that New York City was too far north for this.

Last night, probably due to some construction at a house down the row, a flying cockroach got into my apartment. What a large dark moth, I thought, until he landed on the wall above my lamp. He seemed attracted to the light, to the tops of the curtain rods, and to (gulp) me. He also seemed to notice that I noticed him; as he lounged atop the curtain rod he turned his little disgusting head and wiggled his feelers in my direction. I had no weapons at my disposal except some soapy water in a spray bottle, and spritzing him seemed to slow him down some. After about 90 minutes of chasing and hiding (on both our parts), I managed to trap him under a large mug and some cardboard, and transfered him outside. He flew right back to my shoulder. I flicked him away and he landed on the other shoulder. I flicked him away really hard and ran back into the house shuddering. He was too large to consider squishing; if I'd stepped on him, the resulting displacement would have been larger than my shoe, and I cannot stomach that idea.

I may have to move to Greenland.

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I guess I am lucky. Although, I dont like the bug. The ones that enter my house in Georgia do not fly and the only come in when the weather changes. And now that I have cats, let just say that's how they get their protein.

Now when I lived in Jamaica those roaches are the ones to freak out about especially when the took flight.

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bloominganne(Atlanta 8)

When I first moved here from Northern California, we lived in a new house and there were no "palmetto bugs" aka roaches. There are so few bugs in the Bay Area but I had been warned about the bugs here.

Four years ago we moved to an older home (1948) and the place had been empty for some time. They were everywhere! I was freaked out but kept thinking that I could get rid of them. I have 4 dogs so I was afraid of the exterminator hurting the dogs. I didn't know about the borax.

I started getting really paranoid about them. After seeing them return from the dead I was flushing them down the toilet too. One night I had a nightmare that a huge roach was in my kitchen, the size of a human, sitting and eating at the breakfast table. I believe a couple of it's legs were casually crossed. I woke up screaming.

I bought some of that organic spray at the grocery store and started religiously spraying the crawlspace. The dogs can't get to it and it even smells good to me. The remodeled house is sealed up and they seem to be only outside but I have never been so afraid of a bug in my life after that dream.

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This sounds more like the palmetto bug support group! We all seem to be a little traumatized! Just by reading some of the stories and laughing out loud I feel like my paranoia has lessened a bit.

I recently moved to S Carolina from Rhode Island and I have never encountered anything like the flying cockroach that I saw last night! I was so freaked out that I ran into my bedroom (after I was sure it was in my living room), I had a grocery bag full of canned veggies so I placed them sideways along the bottom of the door, sealing the cracks with socks! I tried not to think about the possibility of any palmetto bugs already being in my bedroom. But I didn't encounter any more that night. I did have difficulty sleeping and had a few scary dreams. I don't ever get nightmares though! But this PB encounter did it for me!

Fortunately I live in an apartment community that has the exterminator come by EVERY THURSDAY and they'll spray in the apartments where there have been recent PB sightings. So they're coming tomorrow. I hope this is the end of my encounters with them!!!

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our new house was seriously infested with roaches and I was freaked in the "I'm not sleeping here" manner and got the first nightlights I've ever had in my life. Who knew. It's was nice, clean when we bought it or so I thought. I had an exterminator out, the same company that handles our termite control and was not happy at all with their solutions of monthly dousing my home with poison.

I did a lot of research and bought Hot Shot concentrate at Home Depot (, raked all the leaves off my foundation, sprayed the hot shot all around the house up to three feet, around windows, the garage and crawl space. Mixed in a 2 gallon sprayer.

We combined this with raid large size roach bait stations all over the place. (

Within two weeks I had no roaches. This was a year ago last month and we have had no roaches since. The roach traps were thrown out long ago, and twice since then I have sprayed around the outside of the house and garage with hot shot. Once in spring and once about two weeks ago. We have had not the first problem with roaches since, yet the exterminator would still be charging us a monthly fee.

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need help!!
best way to get these things out of a rental house.
it has no basement, just overhanging trees and a creek near by.
i assume they are in the attic.
the girl states most are big,no baby's
thanks warren

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I have laughed and gotten grossed out by some of the stories here. Especially funny was by Jann183, and gross by mk87. I was looking for some info on palmetto bugs and came across this. Once while visiting Florida with a friend, we went to get some groceries. There were these bugs, about 2 inches long, covering the parking lot, the sidewalks, even all over the windows. I had never seen anything like them before. I asked my friend what they were, and she said palmetto bugs. They did look like cockroaches, but much bigger, and lighter in color than a cockroach I had seen in Michigan. The cockroaches I've dealt with have been a lot smaller, no more than 1 inch long, and a dark reddish brown in color. When I worked in grocery stores, there were always cockroaches, and the stores had a regular scheduled time for exterminators to come in and spray chemicals to keep the population down, even though it was rare to actually see them. I'm sure restaurants have them too, and most of them have the same chemical extermination done. I prefer to use a natural method, and avoid chemicals at home. I haven't ever heard of using hairspray before, may have to try that. As for smashing them with the phone book, and dancing on top of it, that is just too funny!
I have stomped on, or smacked bugs with my shoe, or even crushed them with my bare hand at times. Once I caught a cockroach, put it in a plastic jar and just watched it. It took 6 weeks without food or water to die. After reading some of the stories here I guess I should be surprised it didn't chew it's way out of the jar.
Most bugs don't creep me out. June bugs though, ICK! BLECH! Heebie Jeebies! One got caught in my hair when I was a kid, and it was buzzing and I couldn't get it out, and I freaked out. So since then if I even hear them buzz I get the creeps. As for checking the sheets for bugs, here it would be for earwigs, which some years are worse than others for there being a lot of them. I had one pinch me in the middle of the night once, and came up out of the bed screaming, and turned the light on to see just what it was that bit me. I have gotten some good natural products for dealing with bugs from Garden's Alive,
Their's are mostly for the garden, not household. Often the warnings on the labels of non natural, or chemical methods are worse than just somehow living with the bugs. If they are so hazardous to pets, and children, what do they do to adults? I was spraying with a wasp and hornet killer once and just a few drops of it got on my skin. I felt ill almost immediately, even though I quickly washed it off with soap and water.

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Mine, in Charlotte, NC, do not fly, are about 2 inches long and are black from a distance but reddish brown when you look close. My cats won't even sniff at them. They are fast and silent and yes, I have woken up to one crawling toward my face on the bedsheet. I have also reached up to scratch my upper arm while sitting at the computer and looked over to watch a smaller one crawl up over my shoulder toward my neck. I don't notice a smell like has been described for Florida palmetto bugs.

Raid Ant & Roach spray works on individual ones and after we put down roach traps we start seeing dead ones belly-up instead of live ones. Last year it wasn't as much of a problem, and I think it's connected to the fact that last year a family of green anoles lived in our backyard. If I bought an anole or two from the pet store and let them go on my property would they stay here or would they migrate away? The lizards don't bother us at all, if they weren't so skittish my husband would pick them up and pet them. He settles for just taking pictures of them. :)

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

Mind if I resuscitate this thread? Just wondering if you're having a bad palmetto bug/roach/creepycrawly summer like we are in Brooklyn. It has been unusually hot and dry here. The bugs seem to like to keep my roommate awake with irregular little tapping/clicking sounds, and one night when I opened my door I saw one scuttling across my bed. Maybe we need to get out the boric acid and double-sided masking tape.

Well, if you can't beat 'em, at least laugh.
"Welcome to Joe's Apartment
It's our apartment too
We've been around for a hundred million years
And we'll be here long after you...."

Here is a link that might be useful: Welcome to Joe's Apartment

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When I first moved to Atlanta from the Midwest, I hadn't even HEARD of a palmetto bug. During my first week here, one night I went to bed. I had on a short sleeved pj top and was sleeping on my stomach with my arms out to the side. I was half asleep and felt a little tickle go across my left hand, up my arm, and tickle-tickle into the sleeve and across my back. Tickle tickle out and over the right arm and onto the right hand. I opened my eyes, and there on my hand, was the biggest roach I had ever seen. You can imagine how the rest of it went!

Lots of flailing around and screaming (poor roach was thrown across the room and smacked the window) -- major heebie jeebies!!!!!!!

Gotta love the South!

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My husband and I were considering relocating to Georgia for retirement b/c of the low taxes and cost of living.
After reading these posts, we have decided that no matter how high the taxes and cost of living are in N.J., it's better than living with the locals (Palmetto Bugs) in Georgia. Thanks!

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Well, we are just telling the stories because they are fun!!!!! Really, with a good, once-a-year pest control, they don't come in the house. Now that I am in a home -- and not an apartment -- haven't seen a one!

Georgia is fun -- I don't care about the palmetto bugs -- but I do miss an honest to goodness, wintery winter!

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Glad other people hate these creatures. I've lived in SC, had them there. Now I live in TN and still have them. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. I would actually move to get away from them. I hate their small cousins also, but I don't have them in the house. I walk in my kitchen at night and don't know what I'll find. Sometimes there are two - one large one and a smaller one - like a husband and wife. Seriously, I've watched them and they look at each other when they see me. You should see me try to get both of them with a fly swatter. The bigger they get the tougher they are to kill. Not even a shoe stomp will kill them. It's the toilet for them. My husband is no good at killing bugs, he hits like a girl. One night I went to the bathroom, turned on the light, dropped my drawers and sat. I looked up to see a 4-inch specimen 'standing' on the top of the shower stall looking down at me. I screamed and ran out of the bathroom. No small feat with your drawers down. I went into the bedroom to find my husband barely conscience. I said, "Did you hear me scream?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Did you think I might need some help?" He said, "No. It wasn't a 'someone is in the house attacking me' scream." I said, "Next time...pretend that it is." I never found that bug. I will be using copious amounts of borax under and around the house until first freeze. I have nightmares about these things. My cats are a little solace. They usually kill them while playing with them at night.

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We have become inundated with palmetto bugs. It is not because of wet weather either because we haven't had rain in a very long time. We live in Florida. We have sprayed and sprayed but keep on getting them.

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Sorry, had to quit reading in the middle before this incredible thread comes back as a nightmare, but to underline what others have said:

1. Boric acid--from puff blower so it puts down a very fine layer--bugs will walk around lines and piles of boric acid. Do this only where kids and pets can't walk. It is toxic. It works VERY well.

2. A bug-attracting and killing tube gel from hardware store (forgot name) to squeeze into cracks, such as inside and outside doors and areas where you can't lay down the powder. It works for continued vigilance all by itself, should that be necessary, but also attracts cats and dogs so needs to be out of reach of their eager tongues.

For a while I always knew when one particular neighbor sprayed their house because their roaches would run up our hill and show up here. Mercifully they're (people and bugs) gone now, but I know from over a year's experience that the 2 simple steps above WILL kill any that have come to visit, although the one time they got a little established I started out with a set of bombs on general murderous principles and also powdered outside to catch any that managed to get out.

BTW, although the word cockroach gives me the usual skin-crawls, IMO there's a world of difference between bugs that prefer to live in the garden and...roaches, even if they are in the same genus.

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i moved to alabama from portland and i had NEVER EVER SEEN A PALMETTO BUG, or luckily a cockroach before (and ive lived in nyc). i recently moved into an old house with 4 separate apartments. i saw a bug that flew from my kitchen to my bathroom, like it was riding a wind glider. i walked into the bathroom whimpering with my bottle of soapy water and saw the largest,longest roach ever (their american cockroaches, palmetto bug...pfft.) seen, i literally thought i was going to have a heart attack after flushing it. i have bought boric acid, made boric acid and sugar traps,placed roach motels in every corner tearing off the top, since they can't fit in...i even just recently bought a mosquito net for my bed, which i will be telling people is for its romantic appeal. i really have only seen two live ones, the mike tyson in my bathroom and a smaller one, the rest i find barely alive, on their back kicking one leg. i have rented my apartment for two months and have slept their twice, during the day. as for hearing that they dont like the light..the one alive one i saw was during the day in sunshine and the huge one flew right past the brightly lit bedroom (i even keep a nightlight in the kitchen on the floor). i am terrified of them. my neighbors have had them hit their head and stick to their hair, i am so grateful to not have had this experience. i dont think its funny or irrational to fear them, besides for being freaking creepy with their speed,size,slithering out of drains and flying ability, they carry disease and poop on the ground and infest your food. that is enough to be a scary movie..perhaps the episode from creepshow, for instance. ugh. i feel so much better knowing others are so bothered by them. i really do.

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Wow, this thread just WILL. NOT. DIE. (Much like the darned palmetto bugs, right?) I think it's a testament to how violently and vehemently we hate these bugs down here in the South. It's part of our lore. Everybody has a gross/scary palmetto bug story and everybody has a remedy for getting rid of them. Unfortunately, it's as much a part of being from the South as BBQ and blues! Good luck everyone with hopefully an easy bug-season and we'll probably all talk about this again next year on this same thread! :)

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Okay, you think you had a bad event?...
I was in my late teens and had recently completed a course in self confidence. Part of the lesson was to overcome your fears. Bugs was one of mine. So while at home a few months later I saw a palmetto bug on the kitchen counter. I did not allow myself to panic, reached for a paper towel and grabbed the bug and smushed it my fist while declaring that it was not going to scare me. WELL, while I was smushing it, it's juices squired out right in my eye!!! It burned horribly and I screamed. My parents came running in and thought I was doing drugs again and had tried to shoot drugs in my eye! True story.

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When I was a kid in Savannah, we had a bedroom with glossily varnished knotty wood paneling. Outside were lots of live oak trees and PBs. The knots in the paneling were approximately the size, color, and shiny varnished appearance as the roachy subject of this thread. Additionally, the bugs could hunker down in the knot holes. Every summer going to bed was an adventure, always accompanied by a rolled copy of the Savannah Morning News at the ready for swatting real (though oft imaginary) Palmetto bugs. Wallopped some bugs and clobbered a lot of pine knot paneling. Those bugs were BIG! One had a tattoo on his shoulder and carried a switch blade. Luckily, these bugs seemed to prefer outdoors, because they did not appear in large numbers, only one at a time.
Decorator tip for the Savannah environs: Don't use knotty paneling if you are freaked by roaches you can throw saddles on.

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I just spent 30 minutes standing on my bathroom counter bc I unsuccessfully shot raid at a palmetto bug on my ceiling that looked like a bird of prey. He fell off the ceiling onto the floor and ran under my shower curtain and of course by the time that bug even thought about hitting the floor I was standing on the cabinets. I stood there trying to talk myself into moving my curtain back to look for it bc there wasnt a chance in you know where I would sleep tonight knowing I didn't kill that thing. I finally did and grabbed the first thing I could to kill it, which was my hair brush lol. That's the first live one I've seen inside and hopefully the last! I bought raid bug barrier this afternoon and sprayed the entire bottle all over my apartment, in ever crack,base board, and door I have!

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Augusta GA is the Palmetto Bug city, when over half the trees are pines dropping straw everywhere with an average 85% humidity even in the winter, its a neverending battle. Kill kill them all. I do the boric acid at the doors, replaced all my weatherstripping, and always keep EcoSmart Roach killer spray handy. All natural, and makes everything smell like peppermints.

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Have any of you heard about the zombie cockroaches? We need to start a breeding program for the Emerald Cockroach Wasp (Ampulex compressa).

There are YouTube videos of the wasp in action, if you can care to (or can stand to) watch.

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I've seen these bugs in my garage and now they are coming in my home one at a time. To make myself feel better, I called them water bugs but deep down inside, I knew they were some type of cockroach. After doing more research, what I've got are ugly, big, nasty smoky cockroaches! Now I'm not afraid of any bug, insect, etc. but just knowing where these nasty things might have been or crawled through (I have a storm water drain on my front curb) gives me the the heebie jeebies. And I can't stand the thought of one sneaking up on me waving its damn antennae.

Well one came into my den today and I didn't have any ammunition. I saw the thing scale the wall and I hit it with some Febreze to slow it down until I found something better. It got away, but it was still around. I found a can of Off! in the garage and hit it with that when I found it crawling on a box on my little table that I eat from in the den. I hit the box and it fell to the floor and I ran to get some packing tape - aha! - got you sucka! I brought the tape above it and taped it to my floor, even lightly pressing on it with my flip flop to make sure it had contact with the tape. Knowing I had it secure until I figured out how I would torture it, I went to the kitchen to feed my dog (who is blind and didn't know what all the rustling around was about).

Yep - you guessed it. When I came back to look at my prisoner, it was gone! And none of its legs or any body part was left on the packing tape. BTW, it had crawled over my foot at one point and the feeling of that crawl stuck there until I found an alcohol wipe and scrubbed the area almost raw. So I had to find it because I couldn't stand the thought of it crawling on me whilst I napped on the couch. I saw it on the floor trying to hide on the chair leg and I found an almost used up Yankee Candle in a glass jar and "caught" it. Now I'm really hoping it doesn't find its way out from under that while I find something else to hold it while I figure out how to I would like to kill it.

Normally I would probably leave a bug alone. Except for mosquitoes and houseflies - they get squashed ASAP. And I will torture a tick as long as possible. Thankfully I haven't had to do that in years. But I grew up in military housing that had roaches that were combat trained (we could never get rid of them no matter how hard we tried!) and these just reminded me of those damn things times a thousand - uck!

I laughed out loud at some of the stories here - thanks for sharing. I don't have Aquanet but I do have some Aussie Sprunch Spray that I will be bringing into the den as part of my arsenal for future smokies.

I found this on youtube about a 4" roach in Costa Rica who eventually made friends with these tourists - DO NOT view if you get nightmares about big bugs.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I giggling so loud y'all should be able to hear me! What awesome stories. I was looking for a non toxic way to kill palmetto bugs and this site popped up. Still not sure about using Boric acid around my cat. He loves to catch them in his mouth and carry them around. LOL! The first time he did it, he had the Cheshire cat look on his face and he was meowing funny. The next thing I know he opens his mouth and a big Palmetto bug runs out! I couldn't scream because it was 2 am and I was in the living room and I didn't want to wake my husband. I almost puked. I'm afraid to use any chemicals because he always has them in is mouth. Any natural remedies? They are really bad now. We had 5 inches of rain a few weeks ago.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Clearly the cat is your natural remedy. He was just showing you his work!
My cats take care of all our palmetto bugs unless they are up too high. Then I merely brush them to the floor and someone stomps on them.
Monkee in particular likes to squish them and then suck their guts out. I find empty shells under the small rugs because the kitten likes to play carpet/bug shell games.

I no longer get squeemy about it all, I just let them take care of it and Monkee seems to be none the worse for his bug diet.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I want them gone!! I had one crawl across my leg last night when I was in bed. I am squeemy. I don't like to kill anything except weeds and skeeters!

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I was looking up what exactly IS a palmetto bug vs a roach when I stumbled here. Innocent victims of bug bullying! I couldn't help but giggle, nod, check my blankets and walls a few dozen times and agree with all of the posts. I live in southern GA a few miles from the river so palmetto bugs are a norm here. An unpleasant norm. I don't have the luck of a cat (or a dog for that matter as my little girl is just that...she met one and ran into the other room until it was dead and gone) but I have found that 409 kills on contact or pretty darn close. Just don't use on carpeted areas or you'll have bleached out spots.

I have to add one of my traumatic experiences...actually it happened to my husband:

My hubby, former Marine, Mr. tough guy. We were making dinner one night and I just happened to sense the evil bug lurking. And there it was: inching it's way across the top of the door...the door OUT of the kitchen. I went to the other side of the room, as far as I could and made him try to take it out with one of his work boots. I swear this roach/bug/devil spawn look at him, let out a karate yell and leaped at his face. I've never seen my husband move that fast! He did manage to stomp on it. But the beast laughed and shrugged it off. When my husband managed to stun the creature and toss it outside, it landed with a clearly audible THWACK in the grass and ran off. Them critters are TOUGH!

ok, now that i've shared my horror story, I feel a little better knowing there are others out there who have been traumatized as badly as I have.

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I have been thinking of the Palmetto Bug and how to handle it in different situations as I live in NJ but soon will be relocating some where in the deep south. I do think preventive sealant measures are definitely a must. However, one of them could simply fly in with you when entering/leaving. Now, If the insect is on wall/ceiling I like the Hairspray suggestions as it will definitely immobilize it. But on counter/floor I'm wondering to avoid a mess, and I've never stepped on a living thing since childhood - so I'm thinking a simple zippered medium size storage bag to cover it and then maneuver bag so as to quickly zipper bag across. Therefore, I could use even a heavy book to murder it with all the mess contained in a throw bag. But the bed thing is still unresolved as a net wouldn't be practical as I occasionally get up several times. Hum? And since I have enough trouble getting to, and staying asleep, the last thing I need to worry about is some creature traveling around my body. Lol

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zzackey(8b GA)

xelorwatch, they move very fast at my house. I have a fly swatter in my bathroom now and I have gotten like 1 in 10. The cat doesn't always catch them either. They are good wall climbers. In the 26 years I have lived down south I only had the one bold one, crawl across me in bed. Sticky traps work, but then you have to look at their pathetic eyes staring at you and the antennas wiggling. I end up just throwing the sticky trap out. Trying a 50-50 mix of baking soda and sugar mixed with a little water now in a bottle cap. Placed in strategic places. The article said to keep it away from pets. Supposedly they eat it and they explode. I hope this is true. Not like the cornmeal and ant one that doesn't work.

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Zackey, thx much for the info! Sorry about my Ziplock plastic bag suggestion as I had read somewhere that they move very slow. Also, good to know it took 26yrs. for a bed intrusion LOL. I plan on all walls painted semi-gloss white as I enjoy brightness in the home; but just thought that that may posse a climbing problem? Tho I doubt it from the online images of there legs. What are Sticky Traps? Sorry, but I don't concur with you when they're stuck; I'll be a woman living alone and It's survival of the fittest. And they truly are a roach as they do chose creature comforts. Ever notice a beetle or fly when died? Always on window sill or on floor very close to window. They know the way out and so do these Palmetto/American roaches but they chose to eat our good. Even birds of all kind flock around fast food restaurants cause they're Addicted to the salty foods. No mercy have I concerning them. When they pay my property taxes - I'll give it some thought LOL.

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zzackey(8b GA)

Sticky traps are sold under that name here. In the pest control section. I bought mine at Lowe's. They have a picture of a rat on the front of the box. They are a black plastic rectangular shaped thing with very sticky goo inside. It is completely open. When something runs across it, it gets stuck. I don't have sympathy for them, I just can't stand looking at them when they are stuck. Not sure about the glossy walls. Boric acid is supposed to work. But since I have a cat I don't want to use chemicals.

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Hello fellow bug battlers! Palmetto bugs have made this (wet) summer a battleground for me. I have bought boric acid, a gallon of professional strength spray for outside perimeters and inside cracks and crevices, Raid House and Garden spray, and sticky traps. (My sticky straps were purchased at Dollar Tree and are like open-ended match boxes.) I never leave fruit (or any food) out at night and I remove my dry dog food from the kitchen. All dishes are cleaned and put away before I turn out the lights. Trash is tied up and out in the closed can before bed. STILL, I see those darned bugs!!! I hate cold weather, but I am looking forward to winter this year just to have a rest from palmetto bugs. I lived farther south in Georgia as a child and I never saw a palmetto bug. They must be multiplying and expanding their range. I am in Atlanta and we all have them in the summer. I wish you all victorious battles! :)

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zzackey(8b GA)

Thanks for the well wishes and advice. I guess we will have to spray outside. We live in a trailer and it seems like we have them all year round. We are surrounded by miles of forests and weeds, so it is probably a great place for them to thrive!

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Zackey, I am the poster who asked you about low property tax areas in Ga. I have read this thread to see about these bugs. I am really glad you mentioned living in a trailer, I had planned on maybe living one as well, being a likely cheaper home to purchase than a site built home, that is if I moved to Ga. I used to have a double-wide here in Pa, and we had mice coming in, being about 100 yards from a field annually planted with corn, wheat or soybeans in rotation. Have you sealed the areas where your pipes come under your sinks and bath-tub, or shower? I always thought if I would have done that, the mice can't come in, and likely any bugs. The spray in insulation could be chewed by mice I guess. I also read that scorpions live in Ga, that was surprising. Some of these posts are hilarious, but terrifying also. My sister used to live in an apartment in WV, and I stayed with her once, and she had these giant 2 inches long, or 3" long water bugs in her bathroom. She knew they were there and didn't kill them or remove them. I guess they stayed in the bathroom, I was about 17 yrs old then. I wonder what they ate. They stayed mostly in her bathroom closet. I was also shocked that those grand old Georgia mansions had these bugs in them, you don't think of that when you live up north and want to tour these homes on your vacation. I still want to even after hearing this though.

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Aquae(7 GA)

Me and my husband moved into our rental home last October and were horrified to learn that it had NASTY smoky brown roaches in the crawl space under the house. EW! They would occasionally get inside the house and I just couldn't stand it. I HATE roaches. On top of keeping the house spotless, we bought Combat roach bait at Walmart for like $8 and started putting it all around the entrances to the crawl spaces. The nasty creatures ate it like candy and it completely decimated their population.

It apparently works by turning them into little poison bombs. They eat the bait and it doesn't kill them immediately, they have time to crawl on back to their nest where they die. Cockroaches eat their own dead, so they eat the dead poisoned cockroach, get poisoned, die. - And the cycle continues until they're wiped out! We haven't seen a roach since! HIGHLY recommend the Combat roach bait!

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I read this thread when we started coming down to Augusta from PA in April '13 searching for our future home due to a job transfer. Why in God's name I just reread it from beginning to end, I have no clue!!! I must be a masochist, at the very least an emotional one since all I can do right now is drool from babbling like an idiot in fear of being in the presence of one of these beasts!!! Now I'm going to have to get someone to make our house a fortress against them by sealing everything in the crawlspace, and spraying that expanding foam into every crevice in this house, including some kind of old-style heating unit type vents in the walls of the older side of the house which is where our bedroom happens to be...
All I can do is pray that my 6 Chihuahuas step up to the plate and at least corral any that might get inside so hubby can kill it since when I do it I usually hit them so hard that they disappear by bursting into tiny pieces, spreading out into the air and onto anything nearby..
Having lived in the Caribbean, I have found that hairspray, Windex, spray starch, and even silly string work wonders to stop them in their tracks until a more deadly attack can be inflicted... even a drop of dishwashing liquid on their back will kill them by suffocating them...
I thought I had left them all behind me when I moved to PA... I hadn't seen one for over 15 years, until we moved to the Augusta area mid-November '13... I had nightmares after reading this thread the first time and did not look forward to moving here but I will suck it up, and put on my big girl warrior panties and roooooaaaarrrr!!!!!
I'm gonna get you suckers!!!

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zzackey(8b GA)

It still beats shoveling snow! My cat is a good bug hunter. I don't have them every day. Maybe twice a month?

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I really hope I don't sound silly, but I feel a bit sad now after reading this thread. I stumbled across this thread / forum after doing research on palmetto bugs in fl and I just NEVER KNEW that it could be that bad. I truly think I have a phobia of those nasty things. I live in NJ but was raised in the NY area and I HATE roaches. I hate waterbugs and then I find out that there are things called palmetto bugs (some call the flying waterbugs palmetto) and I FREAKED. My hubby and I are seriously considering a move to FL or GA and I have to say after reading all of this, I don't think I can move. I even thought, well, maybe if I can desensitize myself to these nasty things, why let it keep me from living a great life in the south, by the beach. I looked up the phobia of such things and came across videos / articles that Anderson Cooper has the same phobia of creepy-crawly things. Many of the stories here are super funny (because it didn't happen to me, lol) and honestly I think I would have been able to deal with them (NOT in my house) BUT ONCE I READ that many have actually walked on people, AAACKKK!!! That's scary to me, too too scary. Groan....I didn't want to live my later years in the winter, but guess I might just do that. Thanks for the heads up everyone! :)

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