Pics of Yellowing Squash Leaves - Plz Help!

peps22July 21, 2010

Here are the pics of my yellowing leaves. They started at the base of the plant and working their way down the vine. The tips of the vines look great, but the older leaves are dying off.

I took 4 pics. Three of them are the affected leaves and one is a healthy leaf. Note the little dark spots in the healthy leaf - is that normal? I dont think they're bugs.

Also, i checked for bacterial ooze in one of the dead yellow leaf stems and didnt see any. PLEASE HELP! I feel like I'm gonna lose this one.

Picassa Web Album - Yellow Leaves

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That vine has sucked all the nutrients out of that tiny pot and is losing its older leaves. Also it could be a result of completely drying out between waterings. Old leaves die it can't be avoided especially in a pot.

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Should I use straight-up bloodmeal to get nitrogen back in the soil, or will the Miracle-Gro 18-21-21 Tomato Plant Food suffice?

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