Does this female flower look healthy?

acorn922July 25, 2012

Does the flower in the photo seem healthy? There are three on the same vine about the same size. Do you think it will get bigger? Should I get rid of one or two to promote growth?

I'm afraid to do so 'just in case the remaining one doesn't blossom.

A lot of the female flowers on a different pumpkin plant that were this size never blossomed and died. Very disappointing.

The female flowers that did blossom were a lot bigger.


Thank you.

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looks fine. you could have lost the first ones because the plant wasnt big enough to support children. or temps. let it go until you get your favorite kid.

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There is never a good reason to remove female blossoms. Only remove fruits after they have set if you don't want them.

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Thank you for the replies.

Well, it hung in there and blossomed! I hand pollinated it a couple of days ago.
Today I noticed the skin look kinda bumpy.
Is that a bad sign?

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Why don't you tell us what you are growing. all we know from the picture is that it is some type of C. maxima. If it is supposed to have bumpy fruit then it looks great.

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Good suggestion. It's a Big Max.
All the other female flowers were smooth. This was the first bumpy one I noticed.

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It's been a few days is the pumpkin still growing? And is it still bumpy? Do the leaves look normal? Normally fruit like that are an indication of a mosaic virus, but that would deform the leaves too. I'd imagine you'd probably notice that and ask about your leaves. So maybe the seeds weren't pure and it is a cross with a bumpy variety.

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It konked out. The greeness of the leaves on that vine does look different from the rest of the plant. It probably does have a virus. :(

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