Zuchinni development

it'sALLartJuly 8, 2012

OK, I know we're in a drought and all, but this seems a little odd to me. I have great soil (amended) and water daily, not too heavily, usually first thing in the morning to avoid molds, etc.

I've grown zuchs in the past and usually the plants vine all over the place and take over whatever area they're in. This time they seem to be forming bushes instead of vines. They don't seem to want to spread out! I don't get it... did I get some kind of bush variety by accident? (can't find the seed package.) Nice big leaves and several young fruits developing but this seems odd to me.

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sounds like you got a bush variety. thats what im growing and thats what mine sound like. all the fruits are coming out at the center/base of the plant.

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Well, you are right... after some digging, I see that most varieties offered now are bush type. Duh! Last time I grew these was 15 years ago, probably when seeds were mostly vine-type...

Well, at least I know I can take down the trellis now. LOL... :-)

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Yeah, I don't even know of any zuke that would not be a bush type nowadays. For summer squashes, the bushes are completely adequate in my opinion. No need for long vines. Two bushes gives me way more than I can deal with without sending 20-foot vines all over the place.

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