Clover as groundcover between raised beds?

legless_marineJune 30, 2009

I'm seeking a groundcover for the spaces between and around my raised garden beds. Initially I was thinking of using Clover, but decided not to out of risk that it may infect my garden beds, and instead settled on Creeping thyme.

Multiple sowings of of Creeping thyme seed havn't taken, despite copious watering. There's too much area to make it feasible to germinate and plant plugs.

Thus, I'm thinking of clover again.... Although it was initially disqualified out of concern it may infect my beds, I'm now thinking that's not a big deal... It doesn't grow high enough to shade out my veggies, and at worst would serve as a living mulch/green manure. I believe it has shallow roots which means it wouldn't be stealing nutrients/water from deeper rooted plants.

Before I take the clover plungs, I'd like to hear others' thoughts and experiences on clover as a groundcover around gardens...

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I don't know much about the use of clover, but there is some information on Crimson clover, white clover, and other "cover" or "green manure" crops on GardenWeb's "Organic Gardening" forum at the link below. Someone on that forum may have some good tips on this topic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Gardening forum: Cover Crops

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