Beginner looking for groundcover advice please

canuck-ehJune 27, 2014

Good day everyone!

I live in southern Ontario, downtown Toronto. Small front yard with west exposure and a large chestnut tree.

I put down some pavers and would like to plant 3 inch wide strips of groundcover to fill in between the pavers.

I would like a groundcover that will do well with partial sunlight, reasonably dry conditions (although I think I will get an irrigation system to mist the area in the mornings), I would like the groundcover to be dense and green, but not too tall (between 3"-5" max)

Groundcover that is fairly hearty, and doesn't need a lot of attention would be ideal!

Thank-you very kindly for any recommendations you might have for me!!


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GreenHearted(5a IL)

What about an ajuga cultivar? (I understand the straight species can be rather aggresive) I'm growing 'Chocolate Chip' and it does great in part sun and grows low and densely.

If the spent flowering stalks bother you, a weed whacker works well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chocolate Chip Ajuga

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Terrific advice! Thanks!!

I have never heard of that plant before. I had resigned myself to just using some variety of thyme, but this sounds like a nicer alternative!

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GreenHearted(5a IL)

You're welcome!

The nice thing is that it fills in fairly quickly and you can hurry that process along by separating the offspring from the parent plant and spacing it further.

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