Giant chinese silver grass

mark40511May 17, 2005

For screening purposes I planted three pots of this grass a couple of feet away from the back of my privacy fence. There is a two story house behind my fence. This should get 10 to 15' tall. Has anyone ever had any experience with this. It says it needs full sun. Well, it does get full sun half of the day or more. But what does the meaning full sun mean? Full sun from dusk til dawn. Full sun 8 hours...6hrs?

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well_rooted(5, BC Canada)

Full sun is considered to be 6 hrs per day, but if the 6 hrs are late or early in the day, that doesn't count for much. The 6 hrs needs to be when the sun is high in the sky.

For grasses like Miscanthus and others that are tall and have lots of blooms, you shouldn't skimp on sun. They may flop or not bloom very well.

What I am getting at is that there are many types of "shade".

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Does it grow fast? Is it invasive?

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gillespiegardens(Z6 cinti ohio)

I have had this grass in my private gardens for about 5 years now. it is actually intentionally planted underneath a tree to help reduce its spread etc. it does attain its full impressive height and blooms well. so far it has been a very well behaved clump of Miscanthus.

btw... the dead stalks make great plant sturdy stakes! just clip to the desired height.

"The one thing all gardeners share in common is a belief in tomorrow"

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We LOVE this grass. We have it as a hedge along the backside of our pool. We have had it for 3 yrs now in the full sun. It has not been invasive at all. Just this year a new sprout spread "out" in an area and we moved it to a new location. It has thickened up to create a wonderful hedge. Without this grass we would have no privacy. We were just talking today about getting more! It is beautiful and I can't praise it enough!

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I'm still confused about what I've read about this grass. SO when all of this grass grows and then turns brown in the winter. You have a great screen all summer winter. Am I correct that it needs to be cut COMPLETELY DOWN for new growth? Meaning that it basically has to start all over from day one? And no more screen for a while? I hope this is not the case because I planted three pots of this in my yard.

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dereks(6 Utah)

It needs to be cut down in the spring so you will be without a screen for a few months. It does grow back fast. Mine is already approaching five feet. It has grown a foot in the last week. The grass is on it's third year. The first two years you won't get as much growth, in my experience.

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I planted this grass last year to provide a screen from my neighbors yard. It grew great last year with most of it approaching 6-8 feet. I had a planter that is approximately 2 foot wide by 16 feet long. I cut the grass down this spring and now it is almost the end of June and I only have about 4-6 shoots coming up. That is probably only about 5% of what I had last year. I don't know what happened. We have had an unusually wet and cool spring with this being the first week of 80 degree days. I fear it is all dead and my planting last year went to waste. I will have to go another year without a screen. I am not sure I want to waste my time with this seemingly fragile stuff.

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What zone are you in?

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I cant figure out how to plant this stuff it says bulb up but dont know how to fine bulb thanks.

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