invasive critters

old_compost(9b)May 22, 2014

According to FL. widlife resources, critters that are non-native but were introduced to FL and are invasive ...
"It is lawful for a landowner to live-trap or humanely destroy nuisance armadillos although they are difficult to capture with live traps. Armadillos are not considered native to Florida and are, therefore, illegal to transport and release. Relocating wildlife is seldom biologically sound, the animal often does not survive.
You can receive technical assistance for armadillo problems by contacting your nearest FWC regional office." end quote.

When I was taking classes at the Extension Service, we were told to KILL armadillos. It is illegal to transport or relocate them.

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Just don't handle them, it's believed that they carry leprosy.

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True they do carry it

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If I could trap the darn critters they would be dead critters! The corner of my house is going to fall into the hole they keep digging there.
I've set a trap but only caught opossums.

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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

You should guide them into traps using boards like a funnel effect set up near their pathways or right outside the hole. I caught one each in two traps in one night this way.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Agree with Flatwoods_farm on the method. My neighbor paid a "critter getter" to set up a trap and remove an armadillo. The trapper did not put any food at all in the trap. He brought some small 3-foot sections of garden fencing with stakes along the bottom that you just push into the ground. He set up two almost-parallel rows of fence, funnel-shaped, starting at the hole and ending at the entry to the cage. It worked. No bait in the trap whatsoever. Apparently the armadillo, who has poor eyesight, just bumps along the edge of the fencing until they stumble into the cage.

Carol in Jacksonville

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