Got a pumpkin without male flowers!!

edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)July 14, 2012

My container pumpkin grew so fast that it bloomed 4 nice females before the first male. It drove me crazy, but I did my best to pollinate them by prying open a couple of males that were a day or so away from blooming. Frankly, I saw no pollen inside the males. So 3 of the 4 were duds, BUT the fourth one took. I'm fairly sure it was the squash plants my neighbors are growing 2 houses away that did it. There has been good bee action. I've seen 5 honey bees at a time inside the huge orange flowers. Happy to report the males and females are more in sync now.

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Don't ever open up an immature male flower, it is pointless, although I do understand your motivation. I have female flowers on all my winter squash long in advance of male flowers, although people always say it's the other way around.
Any summer squash in your area could have been the source of pollen for your pumpkin, assuming it is a C. Pepo.
I sometimes wonder if a male flower from the previous day might be used. Possibly by removing it from the vine before bees strip it clean.

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