pumpkin and squash dying even after pollination

rstorchJuly 1, 2012

This question pertains to all of my squash/pumpkin/zucchini plants. They are being pollinated by the bees or by hand and still dying after a few days. They just start to shrivel up and are lost. I'm sure some of this is due to squash borer damage, but it's happening even on the plants that weren't infected by any borers. Any suggestions or advice would be helpful. Also, the plants themselves are beautiful and in good condition. Huge leaves, strong vines.

Thank you.

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This a common occurrence. Take care of the plants and soon they will bear fruit. Frequently young plants will flower before they are ready to support fruit. This situation corrects itself.

One suggestion for future reference: add your zone and general region to your profile. It helps others to understand your context.

Tahlequah, ZoK

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Thank you! I will. I believe I am in zone 8. Right on the border of zone 7. OKC area. I'll just keep waiting!

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By all means drop in on the Oklahoma Gardening forum. We have a good many "Okies" and "Honorary Okies," there, who will take you in with open arms.


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