hakonechloa care

dorthey2May 14, 2006

Just wanted to know how to care for this grass. Watering, sun, shade? Any info would be great.


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Hakone grass likes lots of shade, and moist well-drained soil. It can take some morning sun, but does not like hot afternoon sun. It is a slow-growing grass, but very beautiful -- nothing else like it.

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Thanks for the info DH bought some and but didn't know anything about it. When that happens he says go on that site and find out what you can. He should become a member.

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I planted three clumps of Hakone grass last fall, and all three are coming up nicely this spring. It will probably take another year or two to really fill out, but I'm excited about this one none-the-less. I planted them on the north side of the house, under a lace-leaf japanese maple. Mostly shade other than a couple hours of early morning sun.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

It also grows beautifully in a pot! I have a pot of each variety on my patio and they make a beautiful showing once they get going. Bonus of having them in a pot is .. they get a little more care, no competition and therefore seem to bulk up a little faster.
I have the plain green, species and the yellow & green varigation and the white & green varigation ~ all are winners!

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