Watering during the daytime.

barbwatkins(z7 Arkansas)July 20, 2006

Please, can someone tell me what is the proper watering time to water our pumpkins, I know it is not good at night due to the plants staying moist all night and the powdery mildew, but is there any harm to wateing during the hot summer at about ten am in the morning, I have heard this would burn the plants also much water would be lost due to quick evaporation, well, I just need advice from someone so I can print that advice out and give it to hubby. I would appreciate any help.

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burning isn't likely... aerial watering might cause you to have fungi and molds in your more humid environment. I always read that the other reason to not water in the evening is too much uptake of water by the plant...
I water in the morning at my house, as early as I can get. But I think it's hotter and dryer here....

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If you have one, a soaker hose is the best. The water goes only where it is needed, no waste. Since I haven't replaced mine yet, I have been using a very small sprinkler head which I turn upside down so the water goes into the ground not up onto the plants. It is a very slow process though so I have to rep;lace my soaker hose. I have a spike waterer that I use for shrubs and it is also an excellent choice, no point in watering the weeds adjacent to the shrubs.

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puzzlefan--dont BUY a soaker. I just collect old ones people throw out (hoses that is) crimp or cap the end shut and go at the hose with an ice pick. it works great and you can have one in every bed without moving them,

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