Sedum in flower bed

melis_689June 15, 2007

If I plant sedums in my flower beds, will they choke out my little plants and grasses? I don't want to use mulch or barkdust and all my plants are still little. I'm tired of looking at the dirt. Any suggestions. I like sedums

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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

There are hundreds of varieties of sedums. Can you be more specific?

Sedum spurium, reflexum, oreganum, and acre might all be fine... the ones I have will work their way around whatever else is there... I haven't had them choke out anything... yet.

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Whatever bright green one I have hasn't choked anything, and it is extremely easy to break off and prune or dig up.

Great stuff. Just give it mostly sun and good drainage.

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HerbLady49(Z6 PA)

In this garden bed I have planted in the front Sedum floriferum "Weihenstephaner Gold" and the lime green groundcover on the left and right is Sedum lineare "Golden Teardrop". I also have sedum acre growing slightly to the left of "Weihenstephaner Gold" which blooms around 6/15. I love my sedums and I don't have a problem keeping them in check. This picture was taken on 05/28. This garden completely changes every 3 weeks. I grown about 15 varieties of sedum.

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You're yard is gorgeous!! I'm so jealous, do you want to fly out to Portland and help me? I have a blank canvas. HAHA.
No really, thank you.
Is there a particular place you get the sedums you planted?
Do you recommend anywhere? This nursery close to me has some, but they are 5.00 for a little thing.
Is that a bamboo shrub growing in the very back left?
Thank you everyone for the posts! Can't wait for the weekend!

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HerbLady49(Z6 PA)

$5.00 is the going price. Look for a nice tight pot and divide it into 3 or 4 plugs. Sedum spreads fast. When I had my nursery which I closed in 2006 I propagated sedum by pulling about 10 3" pots of a variety and got about 50 small plants for the next year. Bamboo is so invasive in my area that I'm afraid to bring it in.

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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

Pssst... sedum is stoopid-easy to propagate. I have at least 10 varieties that I have started from cuttings...usually just a couple inches I pinched off of a plant in someone else's yard. You can ask... or just sneak around and snitch a few bits from here and there. I have even pinched a few sprigs and stuck 'em in my pocket until I could stick them in some dirt hours later.

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Ha! That is hysterical! Thanks for all the great pointers.

Fyi, this nursery is right by my house and they grow everything on site. They have acres you can walk through to see plants in their mature state. They have some unique specimens.

Thank you!

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