New to Dahlonega, garden help

CallieK(7)July 30, 2014

Hi y'all, this will probably be long winded, I apologize...

My husband and I purchased our house and moved in January to our lovely Dahlonega home. I noticed two sectioned off areas, in the one spot that actually gets some sun in our wooded lawn. I knew this was for gardening immediately! After talking to some neighbors that have been here for quite some time, we found they were never planted in, so the prep began. We started with weeding, then adding some lyme, and garden soil to the extremely rocky clay. We only did this in the first bed at first. It seemed ok, so the planting began after our long winter. Tomatoes, jalapenos, hot banana peppers, and all 3 types of bell peppers, along with eggplant, yellow squash and zucchini. I've had very good luck growing all these prior, when we lived in Alpharetta, with a pre-prepared garden plot, but here, no luck. I had a very limited amount of tomatoes come up, (thanks to hornworms), and all the rest of my plants were VERY small... only 1 banana pepper and 1 jalapeno appeared. These were healthy plants purchased from a nursery, and I've always used them before, just trying to figure out what happened! Rabbits were nibbling on the flowers of the squash of course, the eggplant flowered once, but never produced. And it was simply disastrous all around. That being said, I'm trying to figure out what I can do to prepare for winter, and hoping for a much better crop yield for next year...

Thanks in advance!

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Some sun? Tomatoes and peppers need at least 6-8 hours to thrive, are they getting that much? Other than that, maybe you should consider a raised bed.

I love Dahlonega, I'm just down the road near Athens.

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yes, they get at least 6-8 hours... I'm fighting the bugs and the pests, (deer, rabbits, squirrels...)

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