shrub clippings on newly planted dragon's blood ok ?

keving63(z7MD)June 4, 2005

I recently planted dragon's blood sedum under my otto luyken cherry laurels. Would it harm the sedum if I trim the shrubs and leave the clippings on top of them ?

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

In my experience, sedums withstand any kind of abuse.

I'm wondering what it would look like to have a bunch of shrub clippings laying on the ground. Instead, why don't you spread an old sheet under the laurels, prune away and when done, collect them and add to your compost pile. Your landscape will look neater.

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it won't hurt them-but when it wilts, it will look like drek. the idea of trimming into a sheet is a great idea- I use a flannel-backed tablecloth from the dollar store, though !

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I want to move some dragon's blood from one side of the garden, and plant it under a boxwood that I have shaped into miniature-tree form, do you think that it will grow properly? The "canopy" of the boxwood is roughly a foot or so off the ground. I think this would give it a cool Japanese or Asiatic feel. Thanks.

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