Lots of male pumpkin flowers, no females?

rxdawgJuly 23, 2007

I am trying to grow some pumpkins for the kids for halloween this year. The vines are thriving, and there have been many male flowers blooming. Unfortunately, I have only had one female flower, and since I didn't have a male in full bloom at the same time I am not sure if I will get a pumpkin or not.

Now I keep waiting for more females, and I have bunches of blooming males. Whats wrong? Will I still have time to develop a pumpking before the end of Oct?


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Do you know what type of pumpkin you planted? Like 'big max' or 'connecticut field' or 'Autumn gold' or many others. I ask because if I know what you have I can tell you what other squash you can use to pollinate the female flowers. If you don't know what pumpkin you have just try using the male flowers from other summer or winter squash that you may be growing in case you find youself in a situation where you have no male pumpkin flowers to pollinate your female pumpkin. Also how long are your vines? At lot of times my vines need to be 10+ feet before I get any pumpkins. And you should still have time to get pupmkins if you are in the northern part of GA and you definitely still have time if you are in the southern part of GA.

Here are a couple things you can do to make your plants healthier. First you can try to keep the vine in contact with the soil since you will get more roots at the base of each leaf. If you can't lower the vine to the soil and it is only a couple inches off the ground you can mound soil under the vine, but you don't need to completely cover the vine. Second pumpkins are heavy feeders and you should be fertilizing them often. I encourage you to find a fertilizer that works for you but some people use 5-10-5 or sidedress the vines with compost or water with "compost tea" every three weeks.

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I don't have any other squash/pumpkin, etc anywhere to utilize as a fertilizing male flower. However, my problem seems to be that I don't have any females that are flowering. I'm actually not sure what variety I planted.. I'll try to find the see packet. The vines are presently 6-8 feet in length, so based on your comment maybe that is the problem... Hope I have enough time...

Thanks for the response.

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I have the same problem. I planted my seed in mid May, and now the vine is 4 feet long with only male flowers blooming. i read female flowers bloom a week after the males. This is my first time planting seeds and gardening. i thought of using a brush and save the pollen from the males and wait for the females. If they ever feel like showing up.

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susancol(7 Atlanta)


Almost all squashes have all male flowers blooming first, followed by females, only once the plant is large enough to sustain a fruit. Even then, it's common for the first squash baby or two to be aborted. Be patient, you'll get there!


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It must be environmental to some extend. On my Summer and Winter Pepos and on my Moschatas and Maximas, nothing but female flowers. An occasional male on my lone zuke. So many female flower it's ridiculous. Most mornings there's lots of open females with nary a male in sight.

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I don't know if this is the best forum for a cucumber question. But, here we go. Does anyone know if cucumbers are pollinated by special bees other than regular size bees. I thought maybe because the flowers are smaller than squash type flowers that the bees might also be a smaller size. I noticed many bees in my squash patch but nothing around my cukes. My cukes have many male and female flowers. Though the baby cukes do not get bigger. Thanks to anyone with an answer.


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susancol(7 Atlanta)


As a general rule, it is better etiquette to start a new thread when wanting to discuss a new topic, rather than changing the topic of someone else's thread. That being said, I will try to address your question.

I have mostly bumblebees in my own garden, with no smaller bees of note. But I have definitely seen them visiting my melon vines, which have flowers closer to the size of cucumbers. However, I, like you, had a problem with getting my cucumbers to achieve pollination. I solved this problem by turning to Parthenocarpic cucumbers. They have all female flowers and require no pollination. Not every baby cuc grows to a mature one, the plant can only handle so many at a time, but I've had great success where before I had failure. My favorite so far for quick growth and many cucs has been Rocky, a miniture English style cucumber offered by Johnny's seeds. I tried Diva as well, which is a full size English style, but it take way longer to grow in my garden.
Best of Luck,

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All the info has been soooooo helpfull, Im writing from Merlo San Luis Argentina, clima and topography sort of mid. NM, this my first year with cucurbitaceas, zuccini, long neck seed from the US, got only loooooooong vines, the pumpking went all over the fence climed a tree bloomed lovely up there and...no female flowers. Now the days are shorter 21st of March started our fall, nights are cooler and I think the plant is saying I better fruit now or never ;-) in about 50 days could come the first frost.
Today I saw the firrrrrrrrrrst female flower not opened yet! now all the male flowers are gone, ugh tough to be a retired farmer ;-) thanks to all for the great info! as soon as I get something to grow will post a pic. happy Easter!

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my crazy pumpkin!

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