Baby Pumpkin Chewed On...any hope?

sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)July 4, 2009

I had high hopes for my one volunteer pumpkin vine. I had one beautiful pollinated pumpkin, and it was about the size of a baseball so far. This morning I went out to check on it only to find that a squirrel has eaten off the skin from the blossom end, and chewed a dime size hole about a 1/2 deep on the side.

My husband pointed out that about 2 feet up the vine is another pumpkin, not yet pollinated with a tightly closed bud.

So my question I leave the damaged pollinated pumpkin on the vine and hope it recovers and also try to pollinate the new baby when the flower opens.


Should I remove the damaged pumpkin as it will only rot and steal nutrients from the new baby.

Thanks for any help...I hate those squirrels

And Have a Safe and Happy 4th


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Based on your description of the size of the pumpkin and the depth of the damage I would give your pumpkin about an 95% chance of recovering without rotting. That being said if it does make it WILL be disfigured and a scar that early on will cause a very misshapen fruit. If I were in your position I would remove the damaged fruit there is more than enough time for many new pumpkins to form. The small pumpkin can be eaten, just treat like a summer squash.

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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

Thanks for the help . So far the little baby one on the end is staying little, and the gnawed one seems to be forming scar tissue insted of rotting and is growing happily. SO you were totally right, it isnt rotting ...wooohooo!! If the baby ever gets moving and pollinated I will make the decision whether to remove the gnawed guy or not :)

Thanks for the info!

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