Can you divide ornamental grass clumps?

newbiegardener101May 14, 2009

This might be a dumb question but I'm wondering if it is okay to divide clumps of ornamental grass, like you would other perennials like hostas. We have several clumps of ornamental grass around our property. I don't know what kind they are but I do know that they always grow in clumps and do not spread on their own. This spring, we burned back the dead foliage and accidentally burned two of them too low. (Yes, we learned our lesson. Next year we will trim the grass instead of burning it). Anyway, I'm wondering if I can just pull up one or two healthy clumps and divide them to replace the grass that isn't growing back.

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Yes, you can. If you search this forum, you'll find numerous descriptions of the process, including at least two different threads on the first page.

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