danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)July 24, 2006

I am sure this has been answered somewhere. I did a search but still not clear. First year Bird House Gourds. I have quite a few little ones on my vines- should I pinch some off to go for quality not quantity? Also, shouldn't they be supported while hanging on the vine in some way? Some kind of sling so they won't fall off?

Thanks - so glad I found this forum.

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Hi Danaoh, Whether to pinch off or not is a hard question. It depends on the overall vigor of your vine, whether its being stressed by dryness, bugs, disease, etc. Bird house gourds are fairly large and going for quality over quanity is definitely desired. You're in the same zone as I am so you want to also consider whether new ones forming will have enough time to mature, or will they draw nourishment from the ones on now. I would definitely not let any more start. I hope this is at least a little help. When you say they are hanging from the vine now, I assume they are on a trellis of some sort?? If the trellis or whatever is strong enough you won't need any support. I've had bird house and goose neck gourds that were fairly large and never had any fall from the vine. Good luck. Gene

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I've used panty hose as slings for the really big ones. If the stem looks like it may break from pressure, stockings are the trick.

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