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pendog66July 31, 2011

Hey guys, i was just curious on what the best Fertilizer there is to get more Female flowers? I make my own fish emulsion fertilizer that i use up until flower stage. But im worried with excessive heat and the on going battle with vine borers im only gonna get the two pumpkins i have now. My plants are Connecticut Field and Goldrush Pumpkins.

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use one with a high middle number(right? I don't think its the 3rd number) that is liquid soluble and you can probable use about as much as you want as long as it's mixed with the correct amount of water. Miracle Bloom Booster is a good example, but I am trying to break away from miracle grow and give smaller companies a bit of help. How do you make fish emulsion? Is that the poo? Or is it all the fish or what?

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How many total plants do you have? 1 or 2 pumpkins on each plant for those varieties is a really good yield. Large pumpkins are not overly productive and most field trials of jack-o-lantern sized pumpkins yeild fewer than one marketable pumpkin per plant.

Take a look at the following study on 'Connecticut Field' effects of spacing study. Note that their BEST results were 0.64 marketable pumpkins per plan that is roughly 2 pumpkins for every 3 plants planted.

Now that you know what is normal here is how you can improve it. Forget a magic fertilizer, what you need to do is bury the vines. This will allow you to get more pumpkins and fight off SVB better! At the base of each leaf axil (where the leave connects to the vine) secondary roots can grow. Cover the vine with about an inch of compost or your regular garden soil. All this extra rooting will create a stronger, more vigorous and more productive plant.

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