Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky'

grassboroMay 18, 2011

Does anyone have any experience with Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky'? Looking for a smaller grass to plant by an Adagio Miscanthus and noticed it is available at the local nursery I purchase my grasses from.

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I haven't grown this one. The only red Panicum I have is 'Shenandoah.' After reading about this one, though, I may give it a try. It looks beautiful.

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There is a mature clump of this a block up from where I live. I call it a "Car Wreck" plant, the kind you nearly swerve off the street or hit someone in front of you because you are so busy gaping at it. This one is in full, all day sun, a solitary plant and I yelled out "Go back Go back" to my husband who was driving so we had to circle around and check it out. It looked great as a single specimen and I cannot imagine it looking bad with what you have in mind.

Let me put it this way, I wish I had a spot for one. Simply gorgeous last fall. A perfect vase, tight and red with the sun shining through the reddish seed heads. Wow! I had already ordered three of the reddish P. Rotsth........(that one with the German name I'm too lazy to look up the spelling right now)

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I checked on the 'Cheyenne Sky' and they were not quite ready for sale. Not "out of the pot" size yet. So I got a Carex 'Indian Summer' instead. I think I will eventually get one of the 'Cheyenne Sky' later this summer.

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I finally purchased a Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky' today. 1 gal plant over a foot tall. Now I have to decide where to plant it.

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How about a photo?

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My sister ordered the P. 'Shenandoah'. I think that 'Cheyenne Sky' is supposed to be redder, seems like I read that anyway. Let us know how it looks this fall because I want a color report about hers as well and if they are as red as advertised. I think these red ones look a bit boring during the "green" time so hopefully they make up for it and get red sooner than later.

I am just thrilled with the 'Northwind' and a little less so with the 'Heavy Metal' but they are both pretty in mid summer. I say midsummer because with this years weather, thats what this is for all practical purposes. I love that dark olive color of the 'Northwind' and the form is unbelievable. It DOES look spray starched. Its a good type to use as a contrast grass with other types don't ya think?

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I planted 'Cheyenne Sky' a year ago and so far it is much slower growing than my 'Sheneandoah' plants. Maybe it just needs time to settle in a bit. All my panicums are in part shade.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Anyone care to give an update on this guy? I would love to hear opinions of it now that some here have had it awhile. When excactly does it turn that reddish color on the ends? "Early Summer" is when a lot of sources say it turns color. Does weather play a factor in its turning color? What I mean is, will it stay greener if the weather is cooler/moister out?

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Just planted Cheyenne Sky spring 2012 so really to soon to say much. Can mention that tips this year began turning red towards the end of summer. Had upright beautiful blue green foliage and very nice airy seed heads (do they call them panicles). I have Panicum Northwind and it's absolutely gorgeous but big. Trying C S by the deck. So far very pleased with color, growth and uprightness in it's first year. Pat

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I saw some recently at a nursery...gorgeous

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Just an update if anyone is interested - I've had CS since spring of 2011, so it's survived and flourished through a winter in this zone. It is as advertised and the main feature is that it isn't the six foot monster. The drawback if any, is that it doesn't spread rapidly. I'll try harvesting this winter and see if I can get a drift going. That would be spectacular.

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