Seeking Attractive Native Swamp Loving Clover that blooms in Spri

edlincoln(6A)June 19, 2013

There are like a million varieties of clover. (OK, 300). Does anyone know of any Native North American Clover that likes swamps and has a particularly interesting flower?

There is a section of lawn that is swamp all Spring, but dries and is mowed in summer. I'm looking for something that would be visually interesting and/or a bee and butterfly attractant during the months it can't be mowed anyway. Clover can be mowed, so the right variety might be an option.

Also interested in decorative grasses or wildflowers that can survive spring swamp and summer mowing.

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Try cow's clover, Trifolium wormskoldii. Native to the western part of the US, it is extremely tolerant of wet, even marshy places. Nothing too special about the flowers - looks like most clovers :-)

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Trifolium wormskoldii seems to have two out of three of my requirements. Also a possible native substitute for white clover. (Well, sort of native...I'm East Coast). Where would I buy the seeds?

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