Fiber Optic Grass

krbeckett(WV Zone 6)May 19, 2006

Has anyone used this in a grouping this year that has a picture of how it's used?

I bought some, and love the way it looks..just not sure what I'm gonna do with it lol.


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wangshan(Z5 usa MW)

no,but I just put one in a pot...I think they are way cool...(even if they don't perform as advertised as my techie teenage son observed).but also aren't sure exactly what to do with it. The tag says it gets 12-24 inches high and tolerates wet maybe on a pond edge, or with something trailing under it, or near some other types of grasses with a similar shape but different color???

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I have seen pictures of fiber optic planted in a narrow pot where it weeps over the edges. I tried growing some last summer but it died when I let it dry out. It likes to stay constantly moist. My wife is growing some right now in a small water garden, so we shouldn't have that problem again.

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krbeckett(WV Zone 6)

Well, here's what I did with it... we'll see how it works once the trailing plants start trailing..

I had just watered it in this picture...

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The Fiber Optic plant grows well under same moist conditions as Equisetum and Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea' and looks great in same pot. I just keep clay pot sitting in deep saucer of water. I water from top. Often saucer will dry out but generally soil stays very moist. All 3 plants are hardy here, the Equisetum evergreen, the other two dying back to roots when we have a cold winter. josh

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