Pampas Grass/ dead or what?

jrromaMay 6, 2007

Hello ... first post on the grass forum, usually in the palm forum.

I have 4 types of pampas grass in my yard and ALL are struggling to come back.

Cortaderia selloana - nothing yet, can pull some spurs, damp w/small worms in the pulled spurs

Cortaderia Icalma - slowly coming back

" Andes Silver - nothing yet

" Pumila - split two large ones, only two of the splits actually coming back, others have the worm thing.

Should I wait or just replace them?

Thanks for any advice.

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With the wierd winter, it's possible you lost Cortaderia that can normally handle your zone. I'd expect signs of growth by now.

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mdsimenc(Z5b Chicagoland)

I have a similar question about my Morning Light and Cabaret Miscanthus - I cannot see growth on either plant. I am new to grasses and have started collecting... in my haste to move them to a permanent bed location I transplanted both about 3 weeks ago (clumps about 9 inches in diameter)...a tad early I am reading. Advice and or prognostication welcomed

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Yes..a tad early. Were they showing growth when you moved them? Miscanthus is best transplanted/divided when it is in a growth period. You can do them up to 18" in new height, and they'll get through it.

That said, just wait them out. A 9" diameter clump is a good-sized plant, and they are extremely tough critters. You'll be amazed what a couple of hot dry weeks will do for them.

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