How long do you leave ungerminated pots?

cactusgardenMay 7, 2011

I am wondering if someone who has a lot of growing from seed experience can help. I sowed various grasses and was expecting easy germination. Well, in some cases yes but not so in other cases.

Do some germinate fast while others need to wait months? For example, I did some Muhlenbergia emerlysii last summer and they didn't germinate until late this spring. The M. rigens came up last fall however. I have pots of M. lindheimerii that have been done nothing which I planted early winter (winter sowing them) and then tried replanting more early this spring in case those had rotted. I picked the seeds from the dried chaff well after frost and they looked nice and plump and were fresh.

My sister and I both tried germinating Chionochola rubra (Red Tussock Grass) that we purchased from PASE with no luck at all. Me last fall in a brand new, clean, seed starter kit and her this spring. Nothing. Has anyone grown this successfully from seed? I want this grass!

So how long do you wait until you toss out the pots and call it a failure? I have waited a long time on shrubs and perennials in the past knowing it sometimes takes two seasons so what I am asking is this also typical when dealing with some grasses from seed?

We have been very warm here (70's and 80's) for the last 4 weeks so I think it is warm enough although the nights have still been cool but not cold.

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Chionochlola rubra, according to B&T Seeds, is one of many seeds which require 'smoking' in order to stimulate germination. 'Smoking' amounts to soaking/priming the seeds with a combination of chemicals which stimulate the production of a butenolide compound produced by certain plants when heated.

For more information on the various methods used to overcome seed dormancy, check the Growing from Seed Forum.

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I am familiar with various methods of overcoming seed dormancy. I was mainly just curious if anyone had specific experience with types of grass seed needing special treatment as I had read so often how easily grass seed germinates. My experience is proving that isn't always the case.

Thank you at least for the information on the red tussock grass.

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