Getting rid of Lamium question.

uofmrockyJuly 16, 2009

Well I'm brand new to gardening and landscaping and putting in the ground cover was my first project last summer. The ground cover i put in is Lamium "orchid frost". My question is how hard will it be to get rid of them? I do not like how they die back in the middle of summer. They look great during the spring and the fall..but they look awful in the middle of summer.

The area they are a 3 foot by 20 foot strip of land right next to my house. If i dig them much will they tend to come back? Is it that type of plant? Thanks for your help.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Get a herbicide from the garden center, soak the plants and wait for them to die. Do not overspray and poison neighboring plants. The foliage soaks up the chemical and carries it to the roots. String trim the dead stuff to the ground. It takes me 3 weeks or more. By that time the herbicide would have lost it's impact. It doesn't sound 'nice' and doesn't look good either, but it works.

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I used to have this issue with my lamium. This year, I carefully deadheaded each stem, and then put some potted impatients and caladiums amoung the plants. The pots help to add color and it pushes the lamium together so it doesn't look leggy. This may seem a bit tedious, but I do the same with my flowers and the results have been great!

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