Squash with split stem

steve-123July 6, 2009

Hi--newbie here--

I have a hubbard squash. It looks great and has a nice 6 foot runner. The problem is near the base of that runner there is an ugly split maybe two inches long which follows along the vine. I only noticed this yesterday. Photo link below.

I looked inside the split and and gently poked around and did not find any bugs/borers. The split is weeping a bit. Is this a pest or did some stresses on the vine cause it to split?

I put a shovelful of dirt further along the runner in hopes it will lay down secondary roots.

Does anyone know what is happening to my squash? Suggestions on how to proceed?

Here is a link that might be useful: squash with split stem

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

Sometimes you'll get a split from some kind of stress on the vine -- getting twisted by the wind, being stepped on my a person or animal, growing over a lump of some kind, etc.

Burying the split area itself might be a good idea. Every time I've operated on my summer squash for borers I've buried the cut area in finished compost and I've only lost one plant so far.

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Thanks! We have tried to encourage secondary root growth by putting soil/compost at several nodes where the "baby" secondary roots are (including the split spot). The split may have grown a bit more :-( But nothing is wilting, and we have noticed that one of the secondary roots is quite substantial. Fingers crossed the runner makes it :-)

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