Orchid Frost Lamium help!! whats wrong?

uofmrockyJuly 17, 2008

Well guys I just planted these Orchid Frost Lamiums next to my garage a few weeks ago. Yes the rabbits have been eating them...but I wasn't sure why the leaves were turning brown? Are the brown leaves from the rabbits..or is there something else involved? Please help..how can i rescue these?

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Often a common midsummer occurrence with lamium in hot summer areas - it doesn't care for excessive heat, dryness or too much sun.

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My dad seems to think that when they are being watered or it rains..when the dirt splashes up on the plants the dirt is basically staining the leaves? Is this possible?

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I doubt that the leaves are being stained by water or rabbits but I would cut the plant way back. Don't be afraid to cut it back hard. I've grown many types of lamium over the years and find them very sturdy. They are real workhorses in my garden.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

I'm glad I tried the Groundcover Forum to see if Lamium was addressed.

2 Purple Dragon have been withering since I planted them in May. I cut off the withering & slightly slimy stems since I didn't know what else to do with them. They get new growth that looks nice and shiny for a week or two and then revert to that withering.

A Silver Beacon has spread like wildfire that I planted in June. I just noticed yesterday a couple stems were doing the withering routine. They don't get dry but seem overly moist.

I'll go with your experience, tangerine, and keep cutting them back when they get that wet, withered look.

Seems like leaves don't like touching ground very much as they brown up wherever they're not held up on stem. Guess that's part of their nature too.

The Silver Beacon is racing past its intended space. Was thinking of cutting it back and rooting it to spread around more plants but just occurred to me that might be its natural habit and won't take moisture/nutrients from plants it rambles around. Does it encumber other plants if it wends its way around them when Lamium not cut back or is it a friendly wanderer around upright plants? Silver Beacon has a few stems which have self-rooted themselves in soil. Didn't know they did that!

So much to learn with so many different plants.

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