Georgia Power and Leyland Cypress Trees

GreyseanJuly 27, 2014

I have a very very tall row of Leyland cypress that do a good job of providing a screen from wires and my neighbor's house. However Georgia power said they need to be pruned severely. About 5 years ago they pruned just the back side (neighbor's side) and just sheared them off to pieces. I was sure they were killed but no they came back. Now they want to sheer off the tops 1/2 down - talked them into at least only doing 1/3 but still drastic. I then asked if I could contact someone else. I did but the price is way too high so now need to get back with Georgia Power. So will they survive? Will they look just horrible? Any advice or thoughts? Thank you.

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I was reading last night about the "Leylandii Law" in England. Lots of info available on Google. One thing I read was that cutting back 1/3 is probably okay, but by 1/2 not. Maybe you could present to GAPower and they'll agree to this.

You're going to be faced with a lifetime of problems keeping the leylands in check though. I wanted a screen, planted the native wax myrtles. Maybe you'll consider them. Rapid growth but aren't thugs like the leylands.

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