the ends of my pumpkin vines got burned to a crisp

MissKayle10-3-13(9)July 15, 2014

Yesterday we had a 107 degree day, and i attempted to cover my pumpkins to shield them from the hot sun, but i guess the tips of the vines werent covered well enough, so while over night everything that had wilted came back the last 2 inches of the tip of the vine is severely damaged, hanging down and crispy at the ends. Ive yet to have even one female flower on this pumpkin plant, but with the growing ends this badly damaged do i still even have any hope of having pumpkins from it this year?

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I've had plants recover when they were in a vigorous growing stage. If I know a hot day is coming, I'll give the roots a good watering in the morning...

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davids10 z7a nv.

that dark mulch may be too much-mine this year have had a couple of 106 days and come through fine but are growing with corn, beans tomatoes and peppers-they seem to like the companionship

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if the ends have burnt , and they were as said in a vigor stage of growth, the mother plant will shoot side vines from the leaf junctions. and with good ground watering will also root. plants are amazing!!! good luck!!!

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