Shoveling a stone path during the winter impact on GC?

l_mtlJuly 6, 2009

We are currently building a stone path and I have a hard time deciding what kind of groundcover to plant between the stones. My path is mostly in full sun; a bit in good morning sun (4 hours) (zone 5).

Most of the path will be under the snow all winter, so the GC will be protected. However, on the side of my house, the first ten feet or so of the path gives access to the garbage cans. My husband will have to shovel the path in this area during the winter, exposing the stone and also the GC.

I am wondering about the impact this winter exposure will have on my unprotected GC. Does anyone have a similar situation? Do you know of any GC that would stand such conditions? My mother, in similar conditions, used irish moss, but it really is badly affected about every other year and it takes a long while during the summer to be nice looking again. I even wonder if it would not be better to put crushed stone between the slate stones in this first 10 feets...

Thank you for any idea/opinion.

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