3 question giant pumpkins newbie

andyandy(6bMI)July 11, 2011

I can't see where anybody visits the Giant Vegetable forum so I hope I can get some help here. I have three questions.

1) I have two "Big Max" plants each with a set fruit already. 1 has a fruit a little bigger than a softball and one has a fruit about the size of a baseball. Am I in good shape having them set at this size already

2) My Atlantic Giant which I thought I put in a better spot then the Big Max has just put out a female flower that has not opened and only one male flower has bloomed. Am I behind schedule with this?

3) I bought some seeds listed as "Giant Calabazo Hybrid" I can't find anything on this. It has bloomed many male flowers but the female flowers have not opened. I have this planted on the same mound as the Big Max. Anyone heard of this?

we have had no rain for three weeks so I have had to water these veryday but we do have storms and rain moving through today.

I would appreciate any insight.

thank you,


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For us to give you truly meaningful answers we need to know what area you live in.

1. If by "good shape" you mean will they make it to full size, they are too small to know for sure, I've lost ones bigger than that. If you mean will they have enough time before frost yes assuming you have at least 2 more months before frost in your area.

2. Now is the time to pollinate, so no if you get some females in the next few weeks.

3. Calabaza is pumpkin in Spanish. I take that name to just mean giant pumpkin hybrid, i.e. some sort of large maxima (like your AG or Big Max) that no effort was made to keep the seeds pure.

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Thank you, the "calabaza" pack said 300-400 pounds is possible so that sounds like an Atlantic Giant. That said the vine looks just like the Big Max. Our first frost around here typically isn't until late October. I'm glad I have the two pumpkins set that I do. I tried growing some a few years ago and the squirls would get them as soon as they set. No sign of that problem. Thank you very much for the insight. Hopefully my Atlantic Giants will bloom soon. It has been really hot (aveage high 89) for July and not one drop of rain until today. We got quite a bit of rain today so I think that will help a lot.

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