Vining Pumpkin Plants

topnotchveggieJuly 16, 2007

As this is my first year growing pumkins (from seed), they seem to be growing very well. Over the past few weeks, the vines have really begun to take off, and I don't think there will be an end in sight (or at least I'm hoping not).

Anyway, the first few sets of flowers began showing just the other day. I am pretty sure they were the male flowers, so the females shouldn't be far away.

My question is regarding the vining situation. I have the plants on mounds and when they first began to grow I used cages so they would not only have some support, but also have something to grow up on, and not over take the area. However, now, only a few weeks into the vining process, they have certaining overtaken the cages (very nicely) and made their way to the top. So, where should I direct them now? How do you usually grow your pumkins? Thanks.

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If your cages are in the ground well enough, you could possibly tie wire or string between two of them and let the vines climb across the line.

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