Japanese Surge

Stella_000July 9, 2014

Went out this past weekend and noticed Japanese Surge on sale. Proceeded to purchased 4 trays of this stuff. I love the look and I've seen in as ground covers. They are full and lush and seem to last all Summer long.

I thought it'd be a good addition to the garden and instead of putting down mulch, I'd use Japanese Surge. Well, I'm now having second thoughts as I've ready that it's an extremely fast growing plant. I'm just not sure if it may take over other plants in the garden with its aggressive growth.

Can anyone offer their experiences with this plant species and should I not use it as a ground cover?

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I assume you mean Pachysandra terminalis (and that's Japanese spurge, not surge :-)) Like any really good groundcover, it is an aggressive spreader but I find it to be completely manageable. Excellent choice for a shady area that gets decent moisture but it will take some direct sun (morning better than hot afternoon). Evergreen, so looks good year round.

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