Transplanting Maiden Grass

peggy1155(z6 PA)June 25, 2005

I have a question concerning my Miscanthus sinensis "Gracillimus" (I have two) When I first got them back in 2003, they were tiny and near dead (discount rack) and I didn't think they would survive and just planted them in my front garden. Okay, last year and this year they have grown to about 6'and very full. I would really like to plant them in a different area of my yard. If I had realized they would survive and just how large they would become - I would have planted them in a different spot. (I'm not blaming the grass! Ha ha! I was stoopid!)

My question is - if it is okay to move them - when is the best time of year? I don't want to do anything to damage them - I like them very much and I think they look great. It's just that where they are now does not show them very well and they also dwarf some of my smaller flowers. I'd really like to move them to an area that shows them off more and also could use their their space-filling capabilities. (My front garden is my smallest garden area - they are pretty much squeezed in there - they were only 3" when I planted them! LOL!)

I'm very worried about hurting them, so I don't want to do anything too drastic to get them moved.

Any help or suggestions will be very appreciated!

Peggy in Zone 6 PA

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dereks(6 Utah)

They can be safely moved in the spring as they are breaking dormancy. It would be a good idea to split the root ball. 'Gracillimus' sure is a beautiful grass. I get more complements on that one than any other I grow.

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peggy1155(z6 PA)

Thank you, dereks, I love really love how these grasses, even in winter they look great against the snow. :)

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

Peggy, I moved a Gracillimus last spring year after it was in another location for a year. I just dug as big a rootball as I could tot disturb the roots as little as possible. I watered it good for a couple of months following the move and it never really skipped a beat. This year it's growing great guns !!!
Good luck !


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ok, thanks for the info on how and when to transplant the maiden grass...........I, too, bought two plants two yrs ago and last year they got huge!!! I would like to transplant to another area of my yard, is now (May) too late to transplant? And, if it is not, can I spit the ball and make two plants?

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singleton165(z5 NH Seacoast)

Now is a good time to split the can see what is growing and where the dead center is. I'm a bit behind in cutting them down, but now I can make sure that when I'm giving away divisions I won't be passing along old dead spots.

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