Saccharum ravennae - Hardy Pampas Grass Search

Grancru(z5 MI)June 19, 2007

Is anyone growing Saccharum ravennae Hardy Pampas grass? I have been searching for this everywhere but can only find the non hardy types. Can anyone help me out please?

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I started 3 clumps from seed last year. I got the seeds from a Garden Web trader.

Bluestone Perennials and both sell the plant on the web.

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Grancru(z5 MI)

Thank you. I contacted both and they are out. Search still on.
I really need someone that has some starts or is splitting theirs, ect.

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Santa Rosa Gardens, in Florida, lists it (as Erianthus ravennae) in stock, priced at $5.99. They are very well thought of.

Have you tried local Michigan nurseries? Walter's Gardens, one of the largest perennial growers in the country, is in Michigan, and they generally offer the grass, at wholesale only.

Here is a link that might be useful: Santa Rosa Gardens

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mickey_dee2002(zone5 MI)

John: If you are looking for a seed source, Ivy Garth has Erianthus ravennae 250 for $4.95. If you don't want the seeds till next winter, I'll include them in my order so there will not be a shipping charge.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

While Ravenna grass is a great plant, it looks nothing like pampas. I love my plant. The blooms are almost 14 feet tall and stand through the winter, but it certainly isn't anything like pampas.

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I imagine the common name "Hardy Pampas Grass" came about as a marketing ploy, attempting to capitalize on the tendency of many casual gardeners to call any tall ornamental grass "Pampas Grass" (like calling any photocopier a Xerox machine).

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Hi Grancru,
Did you find a source for the grass? I got the bug to get some when I saw it growing all over at one of our restaurants. My local nursery has tons of gallon pots. If you want to email me privately, I'd be happy to get some to you.
Kay Dye (

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was looking for a source to order some "saccharum ravennae" and "muhlenbergia capillaris regal mist" for home use. was going to plant "sac. rav." in the middle of a diamond in my drive way and border it with "regal mist"


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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

we routinely have it here at our greenhouse too. I love it! we have it planted here at the house in 50% shade, it only gets morning and just a little bit of late afternoon sun and it does great! That's really unusual for a big grass like that. Some people say it's too big, but If you don't like it to be so tall, just cut off the plumes when you see them coming up and then you just have a nice manageable puff of 3-4 foot tall grass which also looks great over winter when it turns tan.

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How hardy is this plant? Can it be killed off with herbicide - which herbicide is recommended and when should it be applied?

Please be aware this may look interesting but it is a horrible species and takes over wetland areas. It grows very tall and spreads to fill the area where it is planted - dense tall grass. I have 8 acres of wetlands registered as conservation lands - they are in the headwaters of one of the major rivers here in Southern Ontario. This grass is taking over from the Bull Rushes and many local plant species and simply out-competes them - result is a mono-culture of this species. It is invassive and has spread 2 km from someones garden in local village. It is now about 100 yards from my property - filling all ditches and wetland areas. Consider it to be an INVASSIVE and NON-NATIVE species. It will destroy all local habitat for native butterflies, insects, birds etc. which are currently thriving here.
I suggest that it is best to find a local species of plant for whatever your needs.
I've also spent 5-6 years fighting Garlic Mustard - another invassive species that was taking over in 23 acres of my adjacent woodlands - this also becomes a monoculture and starves out all other plants. I have extensive Trillium flowering in the spring along with many other local species of native flowers and young tree seedlings under the mature Canopy of hardwoods. Apparently the leaves of this invasive species also kills off other plants. Last year Ifinally got on top of Mustard weed - but what ana effort! I do not look forward to battling this grass. - Seeds spread by wind, shoes, local deer, and other animals.
This grass will get to my wetlands and although I hate using herbicide, i have little choice!

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