Liriope -- NEED to know if type I bought is the spreading kind?

fiftystarsJuly 18, 2006

I just bought some lirope as as "edge" or "border" groundcover. It's called "Giant Lily Turf Lirope Gigantea". It's solid green and supposed to bloom those purple spikes. My question is: Is this the kind that "spreads" out of control? Isn't it the "spicata" that spreads out of control and becomes a menace? The "tag" on the plant doesn't say if it's a spicata [or spreading] -- it just says to plant 2'-3' apart. in full or partial sun. (It's supposed to grow 2'-3' high) I get confused over which liriope is the spreading kind that becomes hated -- or the kind that is manageable over the years. I don't want to create a problem. Any body out there that can tell me if this "Giant Lily Turf Liriope Gigantea" is spicata, or not?

Thanks and God Bless! Fiftystars

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It doesn't say "spicata" or "muscari" as it is a separate species, synonymous to Ophiopogon jaburan. Not a rampant spreader, allow about a 2-3' spread. Gets kinda tall for an edger, tho. Needs even moisture and some shade in a Texas climate.

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